What Are Advertising Words? (Advantages and Examples)

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Published May 28, 2022

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Businesses can use advertising campaigns to introduce a new product to the market or promote an existing one. When conducting a campaign, it can be beneficial to use words that help attract potential customers and communicate the campaign's objectives. Knowing the right words to use can help you implement effective advertising campaigns and raise awareness for a brand, service, or offer. In this article, we explain what advertising words are, review the benefits of using these words, and give examples of powerful words useful in advertising.

What are advertising words?

Advertising words are strategic terms businesses use to attract the attention of potential customers. These words are often a call to action and help influence the purchasing decision of customers. The choice of words varies depending on the products or services the business offers, the intentions behind the advertising campaign, and the marketing team's objectives. Companies can highlight the benefits of their services or products using specific advertising words. For example, words like "authentic" or "guaranteed" can promote the quality of a product or service.

Benefits of using powerful words in advertising

Here are some of the benefits of using powerful words in advertising:

Ensures effective communication

You can adequately communicate business messages to potential and existing clients using compelling words. By combining these words with effective advertising strategies, you can inform customers about special offers, promotional offers, and discounts. This allows you to share information regarding an offer's urgency, expiration date, or the campaign's objectives. It can be easier to build customer anticipation by using strategic words like introducing or announcing to share new information in an exciting way.

Attract customers' attention

By using the right words, you can encourage customers to stop scrolling and click on an ad. This strategy is often effective for both online and physical ads. Using terms such as promo or sale can make customers curious about the company and persuade them to look at the ad for more information. When an advertisement on a billboard or flyer, it can be helpful to use strategic words like free in bold and attractive font to increase the strategy's efficacy.

Appeal to customers' emotions

You can research your customers' needs to develop targeted advertising strategies. With suitable words, you can appeal to the specific requirements of these customers. For example, customers typically relate to words like savings or discounts as it means they can save money. You can also use appropriate words that make people feel happy or sentimental to influence their buying decision.

Help earn customers' trust

You can demonstrate brand quality and value with suitable advertising words. It's possible to earn your customers' trust by using strategic words such as risk-free and safe to help promote the safety of a company's services to potential and existing customers. You can also increase the efficacy of an advertising campaign by expressing the company's values and how the services or products can benefit customers.

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Effective words in advertising

The following are different classes of words that can help promote a campaign depending on its objective:

Words that can instill a sense of urgency in customers

These words help remind customers about the urgency of an offer. They include the following:

  • Now: This word can also act as a call to action for customers because it often encourages them to purchase a product immediately instead of at a later. Phrases like now available can also help introduce a new or updated product after you create some anticipation for it.

  • Instantly: You can demonstrate the feedback speed of a process or service with this word. For example, you can use a phrase like get instant feedback to inform customers that they can expect rapid feedback to a product inquiry.

  • Expires: This term can help inform customers about the timing of an offer so they can make a quick purchase. For example, the phrase offer expires in seven days can prompt customers to make their purchases before the seven day period expires.

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Words that serve as a promise to customers

Companies use these words to promote the quality of their products or services. Examples of these words include the following:

  • Guaranteed: You can provide a sense of security and stability regarding the quality of the product or offer with this word. For example, you can use phrases like five-year satisfaction guarantee to help persuade customers that the product meets their expectations.

  • Safe: This term helps persuade customers that products or services meet a certain safety standard. It generally applies to items like appliances, health-related items, and products related to children.

  • Healthy: The purpose of this word in advertising is generally to help show that the service or product can increase physical, emotional, or financial health. For example, you can use this word for advertising a fruit drink with natural ingredients free from artificial sweeteners.

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Words that help address customers' concerns

Customers typically seek value when trading their money for a product. Examples of words that can reassure customers include the following:

  • Simple: This word helps demonstrate how a product can help make customers' lives easier. For example, a sentence like activate your account in two simple steps can show customers that the process involves minimal effort and encourage them to sign up for the offer.

  • Tested: You can put customers at ease with this word, especially with an expensive purchase. Combining this with reviews from existing customers and a warranty can help make it more effective.

  • Best: Terms like bestseller can help show the value of a purchase, highlight popular business offerings, and put customers at ease. Including features that make an offer the best in the ad can make the word more effective and encourage potential customers to consider purchasing the item.

  • Bargain: It's typical for customers to make a purchase when they sense they're getting a bargain for the product's price. This word can make customers feel they're getting more value for their money and persuade them to make a purchase.

  • Free: This word can attract undecided customers into interacting and purchasing from a company. Ways to use this word include offering free incentives or complementary items to customers or combining them with a word such as risk-free to ease their concerns.

Words to motivate or inspire customers

The words in this category can help you appeal to customers' emotions. They include:

  • You: This word can help you connect with customers as it makes them feel like you're speaking to them directly. A focused ad can encourage customers to make purchases when it addresses their interests and needs, not a general audience.

  • Revolutionary: With this word, customers may feel they're part of a cause and making a difference by signing up for an offer or service. For example, a phrase like four revolutionary tourist sites can effectively attract more tourists.

  • Love: This word can be a powerful tool to influence customers' feelings about an offer. You can use testimonials and reviews from existing customers to convey a sense of confidence in the value of a product or offer.

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Words that may encourage a call to action

This set of words can make customers curious enough to read through or click on an ad. They include the following:

  • Discover: This word can encourage customers to view an ad as it implies that they're about to learn something that may be to their advantage. This can persuade them to want to learn more about the offers in the ad.

  • Start: This word can encourage customers to engage with a service, offer, or product rather than wait. For example, phrases like start your journey can help demonstrate to customers what they can gain from taking action immediately.

  • Click: This word can be an effective online advertising tool as it encourages customers to take a particular action. This can allow customers direct access to the company's website to make purchases or get information.

Words that convey exclusivity

These words help describe a service or feature as elite and available to a few. The following are examples of words in this category:

  • Unique: You can differentiate a company's products or offers from competitors with this word. This strategy can appeal to customers who enjoy owning exclusive items or being different.

  • Exclusive: Customers may feel special and valued when they get exclusive services or offers. Exclusive offers typically have time limits to help build the customers' sense of urgency and excitement.

  • Limited: Limited offers and services typically appeal to a customer's sense of prestige. You can use phrases like limited edition to persuade customers to make a purchase they may perceive as special or elite.

Additional powerful words

Other powerful words that you can use in advertising include:

  • Real

  • Sale

  • Instantaneously

  • Soon

  • Hurry

  • Last

  • Satisfaction

  • Smooth

  • Painless

  • Straight-forward

  • Fresh

  • Hand-crafted

  • Premium

  • Wealthy

  • Rare

  • Exotic

  • Model

  • Extraordinary

  • Sensational

  • Announcing

  • Offer

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