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How to Use Indeed to Job Search During COVID-19

Use search to find relevant jobs available now.

COVID-19 and Your Job: Tips and Actions to Consider

Here are some steps to consider taking whether you’re searching for a job, need gig work quickly or have been asked to work from home.

Everything You Should Know About Working From Home

Working remote can be a challenging transition. Here are tips for staying healthy and productive while working from home.

Finding a Job

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Comparing Worker Cooperatives and ESOP Ownership Models

Discover what worker cooperatives are, their essential components, the challenges of workers' co-ops, and their differences with Employee Share Ownership Plans.

What Is Transformational Leadership? (Plus How to Apply It)

Learn "What is transformational leadership?", how to apply it to your organization, and how to develop high functioning skills that bring about change.

What Is Telework? (Definition, Benefits, and Tips)

Discover the answer to "What is telework?", learn about different telework career paths, and review the potential benefits and challenges of teleworking.

Resumes & Cover Letters

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What Is Elastic Demand? (Definition and How to Calculate)

Discover the answer to "what is elastic demand," explore the formula for calculating it, and review examples to help you better understand the concept.

10 Types of Resumes (What They Are and When to Use Them)

Discover how using the right type of resumes can positively affect your job search, and explore 10 different styles to consider for your next job application.

Should I Put my GPA on a Resume to Become More Employable?

Learn about what to do when you're asking yourself, "Should I put my GPA on a resume?" and explore how to feature it with other academic achievements.


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What Is a Stand-Up Meeting and How to Run One Successfully

Learn the answer to the question, "What is a stand-up meeting?" to determine if this efficient meeting style suits your team to help improve productivity.

How to Answer Questions About the Weaknesses of a Nurse

Discover why hiring managers ask about the weaknesses of a nurse in job interviews, explore how to discuss strengths and weaknesses, and review some examples.

Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment: How To Prepare

Learn predictive index behavioural assessment, how to prepare for it, a predictive index test and a PICA, how to prepare for one, its reliability and tips.

Starting a New Job

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What Is Rapport and How to Build It (With Tips and Examples)

Learn the answer to the question, "What is rapport?", so you can build and develop strong relationships with new people who may help you advance your career.

What Is a Conditional Employment Offer? Pros and Cons

Learn about the answer to, "What is a conditional employment offer?", explore the process of making one, and see the various pros and cons of these offers.

A Guide on Quitting a Job After a Month for Another Job

Learn the reasons for quitting a job after a month for another job, how to quit, and tips on how to maintain a professional relationship with your employer.

Pay & Salary

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What Is a Needs Assessment? (And How to Conduct One)

Learn the answer to the question "what is a needs assessment?" and why they're important, discover how to conduct one, see example questions, and read tips.

What is Cash Flow? Definition, Types, Template, and Example

Learn how to answer the question "what is cash flow?" by understanding the definition, types, analytical process, and components, with a template and example.

Types of Sales Commissions Structures (and How to Select One)

Learn about what a sales commissions structure is, its importance, the nine different types, and see tips on selecting the best structure for your company.

Career Development

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What Is a Zero-Based Budget? (How-to Guide and Examples)

Learn about a zero-based budget, discover how you can create one, explore the various advantages and disadvantages of ZBBs, and share a helpful example.

What Is Unskilled Labour? (With Examples and Salaries)

Learn the answer to "What is unskilled labour?", explore job options for unskilled and semi-skilled work, and discover their typical salaries and primary tasks.

What Is a Tagline? (With 18 Captivating Examples and Tips)

Learn the answer to "what is a tagline", review captivating examples, and discover the best practices for creating taglines that align with a company's goals.

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Leaving a Job After 3 Months (With Risks Involved)

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4 Ideas on Where To Put Volunteer Experience on Your Resume

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Who To Address a Cover Letter to (With Templates and Examples)

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Where to Put Certifications on a Resume (With an Example)

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A Comprehensive Guide to Writing Samples for a Job

Discover the meaning of writing samples for a job and its importance, how to choose and submit one, and see alternatives if you don't have a writing sample.

7 Elements of a Written Job Offer (Details and Terms)

Find out what a written job offer is and learn why it's important, see elements included in the offer, and explore when to accept, negotiate, or decline.

Complete Guide: How to Name a Resume File and Cover Letter

Learn more about how to name a resume file and cover letter in a way that makes it easy for a hiring managers to find and organize your application documents.

How to Start a New Career in 8 Steps (With Helpful Tips)

Learn how to start a new career in eight steps, discover important information before making this change, and read some valuable tips for getting started.

How to Choose When You Receive Two Job Offers (with Tips)

Explore ten factors to consider when comparing two or multiple job offers for you to select the right fit, and how to identify you are making the best decision.

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