Wanted: Real Estate Agent
The Michael Kinar Team at Hallmark Realty - Saskatoon, SK

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What's the best way to make 100k selling real estate?

Join the Michael Kinar Team at Hallmark Realty and make the kind of money you deserve to make as a real estate agent. Right now, we have more than 200 qualified leads coming to us each month with people looking to have us help them sell or buy a home.

Unfortunately, we can't keep up with the demand. That means there is an opportunity for 2 to 3 qualified agents to join us and make serious money selling houses.

  • No cold calling
  • No marketing expenses
  • No up time required
  • No bait and switch
  • Lots of professional training
  • Full-time support staff

Just a streamlined real estate system to help you make more money than you ever have selling homes with a steady pipeline of leads to help you get it done.

We're not looking for just anyone. You must be a proven self starter, passionate about helping people and willing to work smart using the strategies and leads we provide you.

We're looking to get people hired in the next 2 weeks. Please contact us as soon as possible before this opportunity is gone.