Leader - Fundraising, Events and Volunteers
imagine1day International Organization - Vancouver, BC

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imagine1day is a charity committed to the next generation of Ethiopian leaders by ensuring that all Ethiopians have access to quality education funded free of foreign aid by 2030. Our primary fundraising model is CREATRIBUTION™ (creative contribution), a concept we invented to allow individuals to use their unique passions and talents to generate contributions towards this big, audacious goal. We are a small team of dynamic, entrepreneurial spirits who are committed to doing big things and having fun at every turn.


There are people who find the passion and generosity of spirit to combine their creativity and talents and do incredible things; having impact far beyond their own personal fulfillment. Underground supper clubs, t-shirt contests, a day of fitness…all in service of bringing education to children who may not otherwise have the opportunity to this fundamental human right. imagine1day designed Creatribution to develop leaders to elevate the world, and we call these incredible leaders “creatributors”. We work with creatributors from visioning through implementation and completion; providing coaching, leadership development, resources, tools and support – this is a unique model of relationship in the world of charitable fundraising.
Imagine if you could enable this movement further…


  • You have a need to make a difference in the lives of others and to make your personal contribution to the global community.
  • You connect with people of all backgrounds and experience; you see and embrace what is unique and special about each of them.
  • You are superbly organized and always organizing. It shows up in your work and elsewhere in your life as excellence in project management.
  • You see yourself as a coach, mentor and team builder and have filled these roles personally and professionally.
  • You’ve managed and participated in successful events of many shapes and sizes; you know how to avoid the pitfalls and where to focus attention.
  • You pay attention to detail, but never lose sight of the big picture objectives you’ve committed to.
  • You juggle multiple initiatives with ease and truly feel the most fulfilled when you’re firing on all cylinders and going non-stop.
  • You are open to new experiences and seek out people to learn from.
  • You crave the opportunity to take on something huge; to use your creative and strategic brain to shape it to your vision.

Working within the framework of the overall imagine1day Strategic Plan and the CreatributionTM Strategic Plan, you will own or manage areas which are critical to taking CreatributionTM around the globe and reaching our 2030 goal.

WHAT YOU’LL OWN (What we really mean is that you’ll have the freedom to come up with awesome plans on how to hit the CreatributionTM strategic objectives, you’ll make them happen and you’ll be completely accountable for the results – the buck stops with you!):

  • Causing CreatributionTM to become the new benchmark for charitable contribution by taking on the accountability for, and oversight of, all ‘mainstream’ (we’ll tell what that means when we meet you) creatributors and their Creatributions.
  • Connecting people to their greatness by developing and executing strategies to exponentially grow the numbers of people (creatributors) who experience their passions and their talents in a way that allows them to make a contribution to imagine1day. You will continually expand and enhance the plans, programs and activities you have developed.
  • Elevating leaders in the world by planning and building a Creatributor Online Resource Centre with the tools, resources, materials and training they want and need, such that they are never stuck and can always be in action (even when we’re sleeping).
  • Building lifelong friendships with our creatributors and their teams by developing and executing a unique, fun, inspiring and engaging Creatributor Relationship Management Program. You’ll keep them up to date, create an active creatributor community forum, evolve the way they engage with us, create amazing events to connect and celebrate them and much more.
  • Spreading CreatributionTM around the globe, working with our totally extraordinary Communications Team to design and execute plans for building awareness, enrolment, recognition, contagion and celebration.
  • Participating in selected Creatributions as the imagine1day liaison / team member.
  • Creating great reporting which keeps the imagine1day team informed about the reach and the progress of CreatributionTM.

WHAT YOU’LL MANAGE (What we really mean is that someone else has the ultimate accountability for developing the plans and for the overall results. You’ll be responsible for implementing, enhancing and expanding the plans and actions for selected components of the master plan, with the corresponding responsibility for achieving objectives. You’ll offer your learning, insights and truly amazing ideas to the Owner to ensure we continually raise the bar on what we do.):

  • Increasing our effectiveness as an organization and how we support creatributors through the implementation and enhancement of CreatributionTM Intake, Management, Training and Leadership Development processes and initiatives.
  • Improving the ROI of how we apply our resources to CreatributionTM by measuring and evaluating our actions and results.
  • Tracking and managing imagine1day activities relative to creatributor communications and creative requirements.
  • Building out the creatributor baseline data and extracting insights to enhance our understanding and support increasing levels of success.

WHAT YOU’LL CONTRIBUTE TO (And that’s what we really mean):

  • Participating in the development of scalable, repeatable, transportable CreatributionTM models, as part of our global expansion.
  • Developing CreatributionTM in a way that sets creatributors up for success.
  • Participating in the development of a database of creatributor resources, e.g. skilled individuals who may be available to support a creatributor;

WHAT YOU’VE DONE (And can tell us all about):

  • You chose to get a degree which happens to be relevant to this position – like Marketing or Business Administration. Or you had an epiphany after graduation with an unrelated degree and picked up additional learning.
  • You’ve gained a minimum of 5 years of business experience in a related field, such as event management, fundraising or project management.
  • You’ve acquired enough experience that when you build out projects or events, you know the high level requirements for Marketing, Finance, IT, Human Resources and Operations and have some expertise or experience in more than one of these areas.
  • You’ve used creativity and vision to develop a track record of success in meeting objectives and targets.
  • You’ve built and led teams; optimizing their talents, keeping them inspired and informed and giving them recognition for their contributions.
  • You’ve juggled multiple projects simultaneously, bringing them to successful conclusions.
  • You’ve worked with people of varying ages and backgrounds, earning their trust and gaining their commitment to a common goal.
  • You’ve explored personal development in a way that gave you new insights about yourself and caused you to make a change in at least one area of your life.

This is a full-time position, based in Vancouver, Canada.
Well qualified and experienced applicants should send their resume and cover letter, clearly outlining your personal qualities and attributes, past experience and proven achievements as they relate to this position. In addition, please tell us about:
1. What most inspires you about imagine1day.
2. What personal and professional goals you would fulfill in this position.
3. What your CreatributionTM would be.
4. What your first annual Creatributor Awards event would look like.

Only candidates for interviews will be contacted. Please do not contact imagine1day with questions about the position or to follow up on your application unless we have contacted you for an interview.