Chief Legal Counsel (General Counsel / VP Legal)
ZAG Group Inc - Vancouver, BC

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Rarely does an opportunity come about to not only help build a dynamic, successful and profitable company develop into a global enterprise, but also to change the world in the process. At ZAG we are challenging current paradigms and bringing the powerful healing properties of psychotherapeutic plants back to people, in a deep and meaningful way. Operating under our purpose of “innovating to enhance the way people experience and enjoy their lives” we are revolutionizing the natural product market segment, advocating for consumer rights, and literally, saving lives. …and it’s paying off.

ZAG is a privately owned, high-growth, high energy company of big thinkers and big doers. We're long-range innovators who see where markets are going and create new product categories that become the next wave. Through our expanding international network of sales and distribution, we are building a team to take new products to the global market. We have grown revenues from $2.5mm per year to in excess of $2.5mm per month in the last 36 months This kind of growth internally generated growth with no partners requires very special senior leadership talent to manage the chaos, protect the business and keep things fun, dynamic and purposeful.

In the key role of Chief Legal Counsel, you will be the right hand advisor to our owner and CEO and will provide leadership and counsel on all core issues relating to legal, regulatory, compliance, advocacy and global government affairs issues throughout the organization. As a key member of the executive group, you will also be deeply involved in advising on strategic expansion, and overall planning and operation of the business. You, and the team will manage and co-ordinate, matters as diverse as label compliance, employment matters and GMP, to class action issues, acquisitions, the choice of who represents us on the hill. As we are, nimble and under resourced, regular hands on involvement will be involved in all projects and tasks.

You will also be deeply involved in defining the “how to” of new product launches and develop executing programs to achieve new paradigms in the legal framework. To achieve this mandate you will manage a network of global service providers to drive and enable strategy, manage risk and create opportunities and advantages where none existed before.

Creative – You are highly creative in your approach. You understand and have a deep respect for ethics and the law, and find creative way to expand potential to create opportunity. You are the person who, in the sprit of justice says “there is always a way”.

Relentless – You set your mind on a result and accomplish it no matter the resistance you encounter. In your language “No” is just the boundary where everyone less intelligent and resourceful gives up. The one thing you have a hard time walking away from, is a challenge.

Organized – You are highly organized, detail oriented, and can create and manage plans that come in on time and on budget. You can communicate clearly and concisely to a wide variety of audiences, making complex, detailed, data driven, topics simple. Your previous employers and co workers describe you as a person who, “when he say it gets done, it gets done.” You are also remarkable at assimilating complex information quickly and are brilliant at asking poignant questions.

Influential – Your business acumen is obvious to everyone who meets you. You are compelling, inspiring, and have a way of making people like you and enlisting them to your cause. Friends or enemies, you have a way of telling stories that compel people to connect, and which bring even your strongest opponents over to your side.

Strategic – You have a tattered copy of Sun Tze on your bookshelf and understand what porters 5 forces are. You have a remarkable ability to jump between 100ft and 30,000ft and can play in a place of possibility but also see the reality of the situation. You are particularly good at managing your emotions and can tell when surrendering or fighting offers the best value for upside. You know how to use the law to help support advantage and to keep people honest.

Decisive – Analysis with the proper back up are table stakes. Understanding the Industry, understanding the space, understanding the characteristics of an entrepreneurial business, understanding our customers and making strong recommendations to the executive team is a requirement for your success.

Strategic planning and Advice -
o Strategic planning with CEO and executive.
o Provide general counsel to the management and Executive on a diverse range of topics.

Create, expand and Protect our Markets -
o Working with internal and external scientific resources to develop a clear and compelling case for use and access to important novel botanicals.
o Working with world leading scientists both internal and external to develop an undeniable case for safety on all of our products and driving this through awareness in ever country we sell in.
o Working with outside PR firms and internal resources to help shape and manage public opinion on issues that matter to us.
o Developing and leading government relations and public policy influence strategy.
o Develop, maintain and grow relationships with a wide number of members of the US political and regulatory system, as well as the herbal supplement and pharmaceutical industries.
o Managing and leading federal and state lobby, understanding, proposing, drafting and passing legislation.

Grow the business -
o Lead International expansion from legal, risk management and regulatory perspective.
o Developing product development and innovation roadmaps (including regulatory approval, science, market issues, consumer liability issues.
o Review, and develop legal process to support optimal expansion of national (US) and international distributor network.

Compliance -
o Assesses current regulations and historical precedents to create and maintain documentation required by FDA, DEA, and international regulatory authorities, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
o High level employment and human resources issues.
o Participate in ZAG’s incident management (e.g. oversee/participate in incident investigation team).
o Regulatory risk identification and advice regarding risk mitigation.
o Drafting/reviewing of regulatory submissions.

Manage Risk -
o Overall risk management of the organization; scenario planning, project and planning based resolution.
o Developing, implementing and monitoring internal compliance systems – Claims, labeling, safety, policy, etc.
o Manage various product and innovation liability issues.
o Administering and advancing international corporate structure and planning; working with tax specialists as required .
o Managing regulatory and litigation proceedings.
o Coordinate with the other internal counsel to ensure the provision of consistent and sufficient legal advice to ZAG’s divisions.
o Managing regulatory non-compliance matters.

Manage Budget -
o Proactively managing external resources through:
(1) scoping outcomes in agreements prior to engagement,
(2) limiting and managing retainers,
(3) ensuring incremental work and costs are approved prior to incurrence, and
(4) negotiating payment terms if required.

Ideally has:

  • Practical knowledge of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, as well as the global framework for natural products regulation in the EU, South America, US and Asia.
  • Trial law experience in areas such as defending manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements in both national product liability litigation and FTC matters such as litigation strategies, the handling of adverse event reports, product recalls, and crisis management issues.
  • Experience facilitating communication and cooperation with the FDA and other relevant government organizations. Specifically, experience with FDA and FTC Warning Letters, inspections and investigations, US Customs product detainments, etc.
  • Guided companies through numerous new product launches in market segments such as weight loss, energy, and general wellness, including some controversial areas, Stevia, Kava, Ephedra, DMAA, etc.
  • Experience in proactively helping companies achieve compliance with F


  • 10-20+ years legal experience as a practicing member of a Canadian or US legal bar association.
  • At least 5 years previous experience as in-house counsel.
  • Previous experience working with and reporting to a CEO/Owner.
  • Experience designing, developing and working with government officials and service providers.

In this role you will be part of the core team, which pushes through all resistance, to create a future of massive upside. Henceforth, you will receive significant benefit from this future. We offer a strong growing base, with incredible upside though bonus, options and other perks. As the right person for this role, you will have a meaningful stake in the action.

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