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About Viktech

Viktech: Your choice when looking for permanent or temporary skilled craftsmen

Viktech is a unique and specialized company.

We focus 100 per cent on supplying qualified and skilled Viktech craftsmen to the construction industry. We pride our self on quality, commitment, loyalty and flexibility in everything we do.

Viktech wants to make life
 – more... simple for our customers.

Identifying, hiring, retaining and letting-go of skilled craftsmen in the construction industry is a time-consuming and costly process. More importantly, it takes focus away from a construction company's core business: keeping their customers happy by providing innovation, quality work and cost-efficient solutions.

Viktech specializes in identifying, testing and supplying craftsmen. Viktech matches company requirements, values and profiles with the right workers. Guaranteed.

Viktech takes care of payroll, insurance, hiring and giving notice. We let our customers focus 100 per cent on their customers.

Taking on Viktech as a trusted partner on staffing projects -fully or partly - will take away the hassle and worries construction companies experience when it comes to staffing. Overall costs will be lowered and flexibility will be increased.

Viktech Canada is owned by Viktech ApS, operating out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Viktech currently has more than 400 skilled craftsmen posted with a variety of clients. – less

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