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Video Experts Group

About Video Experts Group

Started in 2003 in Siberia, Russia, based on a group of engineers with passion for digital video and embedded technologies. Stayed focused on the selected area during the company growth and became a leading group of video technology experts.Technical coordinators in Ontario and California.

• Over 30 engineers.
• Average experience
 – more... 10+ years.
• Average age 35 years

IP cameras
• Evaluation of h/w platforms.
• Full embedded s/w stack.
• Encoder and bitrate control.
• Networking and WiFi.
• RTSP and HTTP streaming.
• ONVIF and HTTP configuration.
• Digital right management
• DVB-T, DVB-S, ATSC,DTB-C tuners
• Multichannel Recording and Playback
• On screen Graphics and UI
Digital Video Recorders
• Multiple analog and IP cameras.
• Simultaneous record, playback and networking.
• Embedded UI.
• Network streaming and recording.
Video Servers
• Streaming and broadcast server
• Video relay server
• VOD servers
Video Surveillance
• Video Management systems
• Network video recorders
• PC and mobile clients
Streaming modules:
• RTSP streaming
• HTTP streaming
• Adaptive bitrate streaming
Chip certification :
• NDS certification
• DirecTV certification
• Comcast RDK adaptation
Open source porting and adaptation :
• QT 4.8, 5.0, QtMediaHub,
FFMPEG, Live555, DirectFB, ALSA, Gstreamer.

Project examples:
IP cameras
• Development of a full camera s/w stack.
• Hardware platforms:
• Mobilygen.
• Ambarella.
• TI DaVinci
• Adaptive bitrate streaming and bandwidth control.
• RTSP and HTTP streaming, NAT traversal.
• Development of full set of s/w and SDK for set-top-box manufacturers.
• Hardware platforms:
• C2 Microsystems.
• Nexperia
• DVB-T/S,C,S2,ATSC support
• Time-shifting, recording, PiP, multiple channels.
• Codecs: MPEG-1/2/4, H.264,AAC, AC-3, Ogg-Vorbis
• File and stream formats: AVI, MPEG2 PS/TS, MP4
Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
• hardware platforms:
• Nexperia
• Pentamicro
• 4 to 16 analog video inputs, up-to 8 relay and 4 audio inputs, a/v analog output.
• Triplex surveillance features: recording, viewing and networking.
Portable video server/camera
• Portable device on WIS SOC designed for security, police and firemen
• MPEG-4/H.H264 and audio G711 streaming.
• Wireless 802.11a/g and Mesh.
Video surveillance system
• Set of PC modules, applications and services for video surveillance
• Video Management System, connects to set of video servers, digital video recorders and IP cameras.
• Viewing of up-to 64 video channels simultaneously, support up-to 4 monitors.
• Network video recorder server
• Network relay (re-transmitter server)
• Number of customizations for different OEM customers.
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