M.Sc./ Ph.D. student in Cell Signaling/Oncology
University of Montreal Laboratory of Dr El Bachir Affar, - Montréal, QC

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The goal of our research is to understand the roles of ubiquitin signaling in fundamental DNA-dependent processes most notably transcription regulation and DNA damage/repair. We are using biochemical and molecular biology approaches to investigate the function and mechanism of action of the deubiquitinase and tumor suppressor BAP1, which represents an excellent paradigm for understanding how deubiquitination coordinates DNA-dependent processes and protect against cancer development.

N Mashtalir , S Daou , H Barbour, N Sen, J Gagnon , I Hammond-Martel , H Dar, M Therrien, EB Affar ,
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Ubiquitin Ligase UBE2O. Molecular Cell. 2014 May 8;54(3): 392-406.

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H Yu, N Mashtalir, S Daou, I Hammond-Martel, J Ross, G Sui, GW. Hart, FJ. Rauscher III, E Drobetsky, E Milot, Y Shi and EB Affar. The Ubiquitin Carboxyl Hydrolase BAP1 Forms a Ternary Complex with YY1 and HCF-1 and is a Critical Regulator of Gene Expression. Mol Cell Biol., 2010 Nov;30(21): 5071-5085.

Qualifications: Candidates should have an excellent record of academic achievements, a strong interest in molecular biology, biochemistry or a related discipline (cell biology), have excellent organizational skills and should be highly motivated.
Contact: Applicants should submit a resume, university transcript, and a cover letter in one pdf document to Dr El Bachir Affar before november 30 th 2014.