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The Band Agency Inc. - Victoria, BC

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The Band Agency is an inbound marketing firm with a strong affinity for designing successful market presences on the web. Typically, we have worked with a select group of clients on an ongoing basis to keep them on the leading edge. This has always been a part of our vision.

For those without an ongoing marketing budget however, it is still very important to have a web presence. Here we have broken down the pricing of our services, allowing you to ignite your online marketing efforts by choosing from a set of easy to understand packages.

Option 1: Bare Essentials [The David Lee Roth]
One member does not make a band, but with the right support a solo project can still find success. With you providing the content, we will publish it to the web with an original design that is distinctly your own.

Client Requirements:

  • Ready-to-publish copy and imagery for the Homepage, About Us, Services or Products page, Contact Us, and one Custom page.
  • We also ask for timely responses to proofing requests, design approvals, etc.
  • Delivery Timeline: 30 Days
  • Price: $3,500
  • Payment Terms: 50% Deposit, 50% Upon Completion

Option 2: Functional Website [The White Stripe]
A two-piece ensemble might be limited in scope, but clear tones and an earnest voice can still set you apart. All of the design and coding services offered in the bare essentials package are here, plus the benefit of our in-house copywriters to develop your messaging.

Client Requirements:

  • Imagery for Homepage, About Us, Services / Products, Contact Us, and one custom page.
  • Timely responses and proofing.
  • Delivery Timeline: 30 Days
  • Add-Ons Included:
  • Copywriting Service
  • Price: $5,000
  • Payment Terms: 50% Deposit, 50% Upon Completion

Option 3: Optimized Website (The Rush)
When everyone plays in sync, you know you can count on a good show. All of the services provided in the first two options, plus the latest keyword research for a platform that promises a consistently good performance.

Client Requirements:

  • Timely responses and proofing.
  • Delivery Timeline: 45 Days

Add-Ons Included:

  • Copywriting
  • Keyword Research
  • Price: $6,500
  • Payment Terms: 50% Deposit, 50% Upon Completion

Option 4: Brand Design & Full Web Presence (The Led Zep)
It isn’t just the noise you make. It’s how cool you look when you make it. This package includes all of the above, plus a full brand design (or redesign) for your business.

Client Requirements:

  • Timely responses and proofing.
  • Delivery Timeline: 60 Days

Add-Ons Included:

  • Brand Design
  • Custom Social Media Page Design
  • Business Stationary Design
  • Copywriting
  • Keyword Research

Price: $10,000
Payment Terms: 40% Deposit / 30% After 30 Days / 30% Upon Completion


All of the above packages are eligible to include the following Add-On services; however, Site Structure and Marketing Strategy are not included in any of the above.

Adding the Site Structure and Marketing Strategy option to your project will extend the delivery timeline to 90 days. This add-on is the foundation of our ongoing month-to-month services. If you are contemplating this add-on, we highly recommend that you consider a 6-month contract [the Rolling Stone] where the long-term benefits of a well-designed structure and marketing strategy can be experienced.

Brand Design - $3,000
Defining your image extends beyond the web. Our brand design gives you a logo and color scheme that will stand out on the web, a business card, or a company vehicle.

Custom Social Media Page Design - $1,000
An extension of brand design. We provide custom layouts for Twitter, Facebook, Google + and more. These custom designs provide instant recognition for your business in the crowded space of social media.

Business Stationary Design $500
Put your best foot forward in every interaction. Using a generic stationary can make your intended message feel generic. A design incorporating your existing branding can set you apart from the crowd by generating a sense of permanence and trust.

Copywriting $1,500
A skilled writer can deliver more than words to a page. Conversational tone, concise information, and motivating calls to action will all contribute to a positive response from readers. Our copywriters work with you to craft an accurate and engaging online experience.

Keyword Research $1,500
Saying the right thing gets easier when you know what you are supposed to say. Our keyword research examines the metrics of current trends on multiple search engines, and builds a file of the most likely terms and phrases to bring traffic to your website.

Keyword Research, Site Structure and Marketing Strategy $3,000
More than just keyword research, our team can build a strategy that incorporates the look, the feel, and the flow of online content that your customers are searching for. It’s easy when you see where people are coming from, and what they are doing when they find you.

Online marketing is now the number one source for local business advertising. Considering the continued growth of mobile search into 2013, and the decline of traditional directory advertisers, it is more important than ever to take advantage of this cheap and effective platform. With these custom packages, there’s no better time to bring your business online.

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