Web Developer
Tempest Systems - Vancouver, BC

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Full time, 6-month contract. Possibility of permanent position.
We are located in Victoria, but will hire anywhere in BC. Work from home, communicate via chat, email, Skype meetings, etc.


Tempest Systems is a small web startup company based in Victoria, BC. Basically, we build cool stuff for the web. We don’t do consulting or corporate websites or any of that. What we do is notice things that should exist but don’t, and then build them.

As part of our team, you’ll have a chance to apply your skills solving interesting problems and creating things that people actually want to use. Hopefully that appeals to you as much as it does to us!

Our existing sites are www.searchtempest.com and www.autotempest.com. They’re basically niche search engines for local classifieds sites, used cars, that sort of thing. You will most likely get to spend some time on those, adding features, updating designs, optimizing performance, etc. We also have at least one completely different type of site planned, as well as associated mobile versions and apps.


We are a tiny but fast-growing company looking for an outstanding developer who can make an impact in all aspects of the development process. We could list a bunch of qualifications, and will below, but essentially we only have two requirements. We are looking for people who

a) Are smart
b) Get things done.

That’s it. Things change so quickly in the tech world that we would much rather hire someone who can learn new concepts quickly and do things right than someone who happens to already have experience with jQuery mobile or whatever. Of course any relevant experience you do have is a plus, but as long as you’re willing and able to learn, nothing’s absolutely necessary.

As for b), obviously that’s important for any company, but it’s especially important for a small web startup. We need to get things done to be competitive, and each developer’s contribution is critical. Working from home means space to concentrate without annoyances or interruptions, but it also means you must be someone who can keep motivated and on track. (Fortunately it seems to help to have interesting work to do!)

The specific duties will depend on your interests and aptitudes. They could be weighted more toward user experience design, or to back-end coding. Ideally your range of abilities will be fairly broad, but we’ll certainly try to have you do what you enjoy most as much as possible. Regardless, you will play an important role in the planning process: helping to decide not just how to do things, but also what should be done.

Any additional skills you bring to the table are also appreciated - anything from system administration to graphics to marketing experience is useful!


As mentioned above, none of these are required, but the more the better!

High Priority:

Experience designing and developing quality dynamic websites and/or web-based tools
In-depth knowledge and experience the following languages and technologies or similar:
CSS / Sass
Javascript & frameworks
Front-end web design experience
Ability to produce exceptional work individually or as part of a team
Willingness to follow through with documentation and testing
B.Sc. Computer Science or Technical Diploma and/or relevant work experience
Interest and excitement for learning new things and making cool stuff!

Would be nice:

Mobile website development
App development for iOS and/or Android
Visual web design and/or graphics design; ie, using
Experience with some of the following:
Search engine spidering/indexing
CMS such as Wordpress
Commercial APIs such as Google Maps, Twitter, eBay, etc.


System Administration (LAMP stack, cPanel, cacti)
Experience with online marketing, particularly using social media
Excellent written communication skills; experience with business development outreach and/or PR.

About this company
Tempest Systems is a small web startup company based in Victoria, BC. Basically, we build cool stuff for the web. We don’t do consulting...