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Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
mentally and emotionally challenging
Technical Support (Former Employee), edmonton, abJanuary 26, 2015
Pros: exceptional wages, and benifits, friendly environment, alot of learning experiences
Cons: machine generated hours, no flexibility, little to no work life balance, too much politics in the company
a typical day at work included taking phone calls from customers, making sure their profiles were uptodate with current address, phone numbers, while keeping sewcurity measures in place, understanding the customers issue- where it was system issues or physical issues, then making sure the system was preforming at optimum measures troubleshooting the customers problem with strict procedures and practices, making sure the customer was well informed about the action that were being made as well as documenting each action that was taken. making sure the customers issues were resolved either by everything working like it should, or sending out a technician or transfereing the customer to the cvorrect department to fulfill their needs. then actively following up with the customer to make sure their services are working to their liking.

what i learned from this job was to be extremely patient with every customer, how to manage my emotions as some customers could become aggressive and rude over the phone. i also learned how to multi-task efficiently as we had alot of programs that were running all at once and we had to make sure everything corresponded with one another. i also learned how to manage my time carefully as customers were not very patient and wanted their problems resolved very quickly. i alo learned how to be thorough and communicate to others the steps i had taken to resolve conflicts in a way that every other agent would be able to follow and understand my work and actions taken.

the management was very little at the position because it was in an office call center, – more... the manager would check in with us on a need to know basis or if there was an issue with customer serveys. the only time you really got to sit down with your manager was when they would do call listenting and even then you only spoke about your performance on the call and things you could improve. otherwise it was working with little to no management

i cant really say that i had co workers as i didnt really get to interract with anyone unless we were not on a call. the people around me were fairly friendly when they were not on calls. the people that i worked directly with such as tire 2 support were sometimes rude and spoke down to you, but others were generally helpful and knowledgable.

the hardest part of my job would have to be the multitasking and being thourough. if these two things were not mastered then the job would definitly be very difficult. the customers would be very judgemental, and impatient if the calls took to long, and if your not able to multi task thouroughly then alot of mistakes would be made, and this job has absolutly no room for mistakes. another hard part is trying to resolve customer complaints and leaving your emotions out of it. it wasnt a common occurance but thrre would be atleast two customers a day that would be very rude and demeaning because of their frustration with their services and they would take out that anger and frustration on you because you are the first line of support.

the most enjoyable part of this job was being able to talk to customers about life outside of troubleshooting and getting to know people while waiting for programs to load or refresh as we worked with the alberta and british columbia customer base. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Loyalty Agent for Telus Mobility
loyalty agent (Former Employee), CalgaryApril 4, 2015
Pros: pay/benefits
Cons: most other things
I worked at the call centre in Calgary for the mobility dept. I had started 3 yrs ago and quit near the end of last year. When I started the training was excellent as well as paid which is a plus because it is quite long. The one issue is that they don't train you on what to do when policies suddenly change which affects clients and more so those who have been clients for a long time and expect a certain way things are done. Policies for example which were the types of things you were trained on in the first place. This causes a lot of dissatisfaction and drives a lot of calls which in turn makes the job quite stressful as you will have no control and gain limited mastery while retaining some, but not all by any means, very angry/demanding clients.

A second problem, which is most likely part of any large company, is that each dept. working with each other had no idea what the other can do or is able to do...compounded by policy changes again. It's almost like the analogy of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. In the job however it is more like an octopus and each of the eight had no idea what the other was doing, or was willing, to do. This caused animosity between depts. and to some extent within our own which caused further but unneeded work stress.

The pay and benefits were quite good but I was full-time so unsure if part-time is quite so compensated. The pay/benefits were the best part of the job so take that as you will.

Work life balance is illusory in a call centre as shift work is the norm and Telus is no different. Start times – more... could range from 9am-1pm with end times ranging from 5pm-9om. The schedule is rotational and you will generally have no say as to when is the best times for you personally. If you're a parent and need evenings off, you may work until 9 pm some weeks because you will have no say and asked to find a shift trade on your own. It is best to consider this. Days off are not always together and could be mid-week, weekend, part weekend part mid-week etc. Again, not good for families or single parents I would imagine or people juggling 2 jobs.

Team managers were hit and miss personally as with all jobs but all are generally supportive, professional and never demanding or confrontational. Management above them however was more top down and basically said what was expected and employees are expected to do it. Call targets are determined mainly by the previous month's profits I think but we were never really told and always kept in the dark as to why certain things changed. If it's not in your pay grade don't look for answers.

Stats were not too difficult to meet most months but at times due to the constantly changing direction management decided to take almost every month 'coaching' is weekly and seemed almost scripted from a 'How To Manage People for Dummies' book.

Overall, like I stated, good pay but was far too stressful, schedule is rigid and take it or leave it, atmosphere is youthful but disengaged and upper management's view of cost/benefit in terms of pricing is lost in terms of their tenured clients expectations in my opinion. A good job for students but little advancement opportunity unless you want more work for the same pay and more stress. And despite what other reviews may imply in other depts..lateral promotions out of the call centre are not generally offered from what I saw. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Productive and productive workspace
Underground Structures, Eng, New Service Design (Former Employee), Kelowna, BCNovember 29, 2012
Pros: recognition and bonuses for achievements. never accepting that something can not be accomplished.
Cons: bribes and there not being enough monies allowed to complete a job in a timely and saflley manner..
Pickup physical & geographical information in the field.
Design and survey:
 underground support structures on public right of ways and private property.
 support structures for crossing, railway, pipelines, bridges and rivers etc.
 draft design for consultant drawings.
 inside building support structures.
 building entrance support structures.
 drawings.
 communication cable and pole line requirements.
 TELUS Lightguide Transmission (fibre optic) System; Vancouver, BC to Jasper, Alberta.
 transmission loops.
 178 river crossings.
 20 bridge crossings.
Draft :
 specifications for high density building construction.
 tenders.
 specifications.
Right of Way Acquisition, public and private property.
Obtain Permits from Approving Authorities.
Prepare contracts.
Tender projects.
Cost Analysis & award tender.
Review contract prior to issuing.
Scheduling of manpower and materials.
Liaison: with approving authorities.
Ensure a professional business like approach and provide support between developer, contractor and company forces.
Coordinate construction with approving authorities, consultants and other utility companies.
Inspect projects as to compliance with design, specifications and tender requirements.
 design changes.
 force account work.
Process contract payments in a timely manner.
Invoice processing.
lssue letter of completion.
Compile information for As Built Drawings.
Write off and and close work orders and projects.
Administer 480 km of ROW (Jasper,Alberta to Hope, BC.)

WHAT I LEARNED is that for every situation and challenge – more... their is a solution and comprimise and that and that every job can be done safely and right the first time. The challenge of of doing the job right the first time and leaving/protecting the envioronment always left me with pride, integrity and self fulfillment.

MANAGEMENT and CO-WORKERS were there to help, provide input, asissit and that everyone has something to contribute.

The HARDEST PART of the JOB was when situations/projects went wrong because of glitches in the sytems.

The MOST ENJOYABLE PART of the JOB was when after puting a long day the satisfaction I got from providing answeres, solutions and designs for everyone involved with a project wither they were contractors, suppliers, equipment manufacturers, approving authorities and company work forces. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Excellent Company to work for
Client Solutions Fulfillment Representative (Former Employee), Edmonton, ABJanuary 8, 2013
Pros: free lunches once a month, recognition programs
Cons: many jobs moving off shore
Courage to Innovate

Awarded certification of Excellennce at Road show for consistently contributing and exceeded productivlty, quality and attendance.

Risk Taking & Implementing
I am able to plan and organize my work load daily making it effective by priortize what needs to be completed and when. ie With many of the toll free winbacks there is a customer expectation to have these services switch to TELUS network and specific times.

Embrace and Initiate Opportunity


Taking quick action for a customer I was able to turn around an angry customer and show that even though he had service he wanted by going through a dealer, TELUS was there to listen and do everything possible to provide better service.


My high productivity shows I look for opportunities to help Off Shore colleges and peers whenever I can.


Many things change often and I am open to trying and doing everything required. ie. When sox errors
effected quality scores I and my peers got together to adapt the additional expectations to get TLC ebams. I stayed positive through these types of changes which also helps my peers.

Passion for growth

I took on learning how to do toll only orders ie: learning that hold codes used for toll free did not work for LD orders and sharing that information with my peers. I also shared this learning with my peers.

Driving Results

Every order I do and each new thing I learn shows how I contribute to win in the marketplace. I have delivered to our brand promise – the future is friendly. Making sure winbacks are completed, by helping – more... Off Shore Collegues and Peers when possible and being available for after hour cut over’s for toll free winbacks.

Developing Team Members

I provide support to a new team member when she needa and this helps improve on her skills. I am positive and supportive while she is learning I share my knowledge.

Spirited Teamwork

I collaborate daily with my peers on workload and often help them keep orders up to date, We share knowledge and have strong working relationships.

Demonstrating Integrity

ie. A customer was paying to obtain toll free numbers from a company in the US Doing the right thing by suggesting a better way, Taking forward to manager . I am supportive of everyone and understand everyone has different ability and learn at different pace instead of pointing fingers I offer help. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Amazing values and beautiful work space
Assistant to Exec.Receptionist / Corp. Real Estate (Current Employee), Ottawa, ONOctober 25, 2013
Pros: great atmosphere, beautiful building, great core ethics
Cons: no management/communication, no training, little notice to shift change
TELUS is an amazing company both inside and out. From their environmental beliefs to their core values and helping their own communities through events such as "give where you live" and "back to school back pack fund" to help less fortunate children start the school year off right!

TELUS embodies everything that a great employer should.

The hardest part of working for TELUS is the lack of communication between upper management and their employees. As many managers work either out of province, out of your city or even at home, it makes face to face time and any kind of communication a difficult task. It also makes advancement a difficult. When your manager is not there to help and guide you in the right path in order to advance or to see when you do go above and beyond, it makes you less visible in the company where may be standing out. Also, contractors are not able to have the same access to all the needed information and that can make finding valuable information even harder.

Working for TELUS taught me a great deal about working alone and within a team.

Overall, I did give them 3 stars out of 5. I gave them this rating based on the fact that I had a VERY tough time finding much needed information and limited resources due to the fact I had no management in my city. I also had no training for my post and had no benefits, no vacation as well as no salary increase and no bonuses because of the contractor role. I also gave them that rating because of the work/life balance. My schedule would change at a moments notice and would never be consistent and my duties were always – more... increasing.

The best part of my job was on a daily basis when greeting the clients and being able to help out of province TELUS employees find their way around and help them with whatever they needed. I also loved that I could be of service to anyone in the office and was able to problem solve together, as a team. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Work hard, good people development
Team Manager (Former Employee), Burnaby, BCNovember 24, 2015
Pros: Good development, strong peer support
Cons: longer hours, don't count your earnings hourly or you will not be happy!
TELUS expects a lot of its front-line team managers, from coaching and development to working primeships (non-core role work).

You learn very well how to coach individuals, and to a lesser degree how to support and develop front line team members.

Your supporting manager is definitely dependent on their style and personality, I found with working two different ones there was one that was better for me than another, however this isn't to say one was bad.

Work-life balance is decent, there is a ton of flexibility with your hours and when you choose to work. One is likely going to work greater than 8 hours a day, and you can get this back at another time, but overall look to put in 40+ a week almost always.

Performance is measured as expected for a people leader, on your team's performance, however it is also based on your 'values' score, and this in relation to your peers, so you better step up and not only perform well at your core role, but do a ton extra because there are others doing that. Your yearly bonus is based on the combo of performance and values, so the more you do all year, hopefully this is recognized through both quality and quantity.

Also, as a team manager your performance is heavily considered through team member engagement and your teams quarterly evaluation of you. Be sure if you take a role like this that you have a strong grasp of how to drive team engagement, as it is something considered with high importance.

Overall, being a front-line team manager at TELUS is rewarding, and there should be a lot of opportunity to learn (this is – more... dependent on your support person as well). I would really suggest this role especially to someone young and upcoming, and wants to expand their knowledge and skill set as a people leader as well as their business acumen. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Leading edge technology, exciting and innovative industry, highly political and bureaucratic environment
Mobile Application Lead (Former Employee), Toronto, ONOctober 22, 2012
Pros: amazing coworkers, flexible hours, cool technology
Cons: frequent long hours, very rare promotions, you have to leave the company to move up, company does not invest in high-performing employees as much as it should
A typical day at work:
- Flexible hours, including abllity to work from home
- Long hours (10-12 hr work days typical)

What you learned:
- Opportunity to learn about a variety of leading-edge technologies and work with leading industry companies (Apple, Samsung, etc.)
- Appreciation for the tenacity and teamwork required to bring wireless solutions to market

- Friendly and visionary management team dedicated to producing results
- Limited opportunities for advancement; a great place to start your career, but not always the best place to grow into more senior roles

Your co-workers:
- Passionate, accountable, honest, sincere, team players

The hardest part of the job:
- Inconsistent performance reviews depending on the department you are in.
- TELUS is a highly political company: At the end of the day, if you get a long with your manager, then your job is secure and you will get a better performance review. In a highly competitive environment, this can lead to stagnation and hinder the flow of new ideas and lead to group-think.

The most enjoyable part of the job:
- Playing a hand with a dedicated team to shape the future of wireless products, services, and apps
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Excellent company with amazing co-workers!
Recruitment Consultant (Current Employee), Calgary, ABFebruary 11, 2015
I first began my career with TELUS communications as a Loyalty & Retention Specialist in the mobility call centre. A typical day at work involved assisting clients while promoting the TELUS brand, and utilizing the skills and tools provided for retaining already existing TELUS clients. Throughout my training, and work in the call centre, I learned a lot about communicating with people, and developed strong negotiation skills that are applicable in all fields of work. The management team at TELUS are an exceptional bunch of people who provide never ending support, and kindness. The managers, along with my co-workers made the work environment fun, and welcoming. The hardest part of the job at first consisted of finding creative alternate solutions for client's concerns with their mobility accounts, however after the development of necessary skills, this part of the job was easier. The most enjoyable part of the job was the fun things the mobility teams would arrange for all of us agents to get to know one another.

In my current role as a recruitment consultant with the talent acquisition team has given me the opportunity to utilize and expand my knowledge in the field of Human Resources. It is a very flexible working environment, and my colleagues are superb! It also has given me the opportunity to work in a more independent environment as I have the ability to be mobile by working from home, or at the office.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Great work environment and benefits
Helpdesk Specialist (Current Employee), Montréal, QCApril 10, 2014
Pros: benefits, accommodations are great, rebates
Cons: unstable schedule
I have been working at TELUS for almost a year now and I love this job. It's always a pleasure to assist customers and even with difficult ones, there is enough support that you know how to deal with them. The benefits are great, wages are comparable to other tech support jobs but with added benefits like insurance, employee share plan, employee cellphone plan, etc. Team managers are supportive, there is always room for advancement and learning and you can be granted off queue time to study work related stuff or shadow someone from a different department to get a feel of what their job is and see if you want to go there or not. The only downside is the schedule, even though you can't start before 7 AM or finish after midnight, when you are part time, shifts change from one week to the other and it is difficult to make it work with school because there is no student program for scheduling. When you are full time your schedule will be picked for you but there is a bid, although it depends on seniority so if you are the newest you will automatically get the evening and weekend shifts... If it wasn't for the scheduling this job would be perfect but at least you can trade shifts with other agents without seeking approval every time so you can sort of make your own schedule but it does require some work and also to go to people to ask them.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Great place to work , Culture lacking ,Misguided Management
TTV FFH Client Care Representative IV (Former Employee), Edmonton, AlbertaJanuary 28, 2013
Pros: strong benefit package, highly competitive pay scale, great co-workers
Cons: poor management, a lazy union, no leadership from within, improper supports for medical leave, no real student supports as student scheduling can only be approved by your manager, if they like you.
I enjoyed my time working at TELUS, there road shows are well planned and executed to promote upcoming products, they do donate a lot within the communities where they operate, they pay higher than similar positions within the industry, there benefit packages and other perks extend past the norm within the industry.

Hardest part of the job is being expected to work miracles with limited scope of duties, faulty operating systems, and without the proper supports, as well as a lack of cross communication between internal departments that translates to a poor client experience.

The most enjoyable part of the job was being part of a close knit team that due to long hours at work became like a second family. Also resolving client issues with years of experience, and being able to quickly satisfy and resolve client issues or concerns. Making the clients happy and my relationships with my colleagues was the most rewarding part of my career at TELUS.

February 1, 2013

I have to disagree with you about a lazy union and encourage you to provide the facts to support you comment.

Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Very productive and fun work environment as well as accommodating
Sales Representative (Current Employee), Chilliwack, BCApril 5, 2014
Pros: health and medical benefits, pay, flexible schedule, amount of hours
Cons: unpredictable
A typical day at work consists of checking my email and TELUS employee site and TELUS website to check all updates and make sure I know of all current promotions and deals. After this the days are very unpredictable and it is time to help clients with whatever they need whether it is about a complaint or getting a new phone. In down times all team members will stock any accessories that need stocking, making sure the demo phones are operating correctly, as well as cleaning tasks.

I learned a lot at TELUS considering there is a huge learning curve about the values and products and services that were sold. My team members and managers were very accommodating and understanding when it came to things that I was trying to learn and were patient in the time that it took me to get the hang of things.

The hardest part of the job is also the most enjoyable part of the job; the customers. Since it is a customer based job you need to be good with people. The hardest part is keeping the customers happy and when the customers are happy, it makes you happy and makes the whole experience enjoyable for both parties.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Stressful and No Support
Senior Engineer (Former Employee), Toronto, ONJuly 17, 2012
Pros: some people are nice
Cons: stressful, long hours, lack of direction, egotistical management
Initially the job and Telus as really good back in 2007. Over the years since, I have seen lots of both good and bad directors and VPs leave voluntarily and involuntarily. Either this was a symptom or a cause of the disorganization that followed. The place has gotten steadily worse (at least in Toronto). Strategies change constantly, everyone is pulled in every direction. Stress is constant due to the lack of communication and lack of management talent. Everyone goes through the motions. They fill in their employee surveys based on what they think their leadership wants to see. Teamwork does not exist unless forced by management.

From my experience no one who isn't naive trusts the HR department. Do not go to them with your problems, your manager will hear about it that very day. Some but not all managers may even resort to blocking your internal transfers and promotions by spreading rumours behind your back. If you decide to work there, keep clear of the power politics, just stick to your job and don't let anyone know how you really feel.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Great place to work but not in the business units where I was since last reorg.
Project Manager (Former Employee), Montréal, QCMarch 31, 2013
Pros: perks are great, group insurance are among the best in the industries, special mobile rates and others telus products benefits
Cons: corporate cultures is not equal in every business units, execs doesn't embrace the corporate culture although they pretend to preach it, my business unit was more like an sme within a large corporation.
Co-workers in my group in Montreal are great. Very dedicated and team player. PMO is not really helping project managers but rather watching PMs moves and look at the dollars sign. As a project manager, if you are in trouble, be ready to get pinch by the PMO.
Internal communications is horrible. Beside to announcing new employee, departure and dismiss are not announced to the impacted group. This situation could be acceptable but when resources in place start to be worried and rumors are spreading about the future, management has to step in. Unfortunately they don't. Either they don't see the problem or they put their head in the pit sand.

Hopefully not all business units within the organization are as such.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Do not apply their modos
Director, Business Development (Former Employee), Sherbrooke, QCOctober 22, 2014
Pros: great salary
Cons: pressure. dehumanised
I have work for TELUS on 2 separate contracts on 2 separate occasions. 11 years in between.

The first contract i did with them, my experience was fabulous. The best companie i ever worked for. Unfortunately that all changed. when i came back 11 years later for a new contract, i quickly noticed that they did not follow their modos and followed their value system any more. You are no longer a great human being full of potential that we want to invest in and grow with. Now you are a number. someone easily replaceable. You are a puppet that will be changed for a new one if you do not agree with us and do all as we say.

in 18 months i saw 43 changes in directors for 36 stores. That means they wear changing the store directors faster then you got to now your new team mates. I have seen and hear people telling me they were getting mentally and physically sick from they work environment. mostly because of the pressure they were getting from their superiors.

On average a director, like myself, was paid a fix rate 40 hours a week but worked 50 to 55 hrs a week.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
A very rewarding career throughout my 15 years
BUSINESS MANAGER (Former Employee), Burnaby BCJune 22, 2012
Pros: employee rewards program, benefits and bonuses
Cons: long hours
As a manager in a variety of areas at TELUS I was able to grow in my management career with TELUS via courses, coaching and hands on work. I was offered a career in Training after my time in a Call Center Sales environment, which I stayed for 5 years as a trainer, Supervisor of trainers and then to a 1 yr contract providing specialized customer service training to all business offices in BC. The most challenging aspect of the job was time availability to coach and provide quarterly employee reviews when direct staff became more than 15 employees. Another challenge was working through a strike period of 11 months having to manage the Help Desk business while maintaining our customer obligations. The success during the strike was the various improvements made by the new team during the strike to improve overall operating costs and profits. Over the years having had excellent Directors and upper management who's support, coaching and direction assisted in my success.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Senior Business Analyst (Former Employee), Toronto, OntarioOctober 9, 2012
Pros: work life balance and work autonomy
The 4 years I spent working at TELUS were very postive.

For the first time, I felt truly empowered to do my job.

The TELUS management team I was fortunate to work with both empowered and supported me as an employee and a person. They truly believe in the work-life balance value.

I was given the opportunity to learn and grow. In return, I was very happy, when called upon to go the extra mile.

My group provided consultng services. We were a team. We celebrated each others' personal (birthdays, anniversaries and births)and professional (promotions ad anniversaries) milestones and we supported each other through adversities (personal loss) and professional challenges.

In addition, for employees with young children, TELUS puts on very good Christmas celebration for children. It is usually a play or held at a venue like the Ontario Science Museum. The employees who buy gifts for the children put some thought into the gift buying process. My daughter was usually very pleased with the gift she got.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Everyday a different enviroment with various challenges and learning opportunities
Service Deliver Administrator II (Current Employee), Ottawa, ONAugust 18, 2014
Pros: vehicle, tools, laptop, cellphone
Cons: on call
I am a mobile worker, so I could start a typical day by logging into my laptop via VPN, at home, and checking a job Q. Or by having a scheduled install/ repair and driving to the customer premises to complete. Depending on the customer and the job I could spend all day at one customer premises or visit a variety of different customers. On a daily basis I may deal with a variety different types of situations, a variety of different devices and many different opportunities to learn. Relying on collaboration from co-workers is key to being successful in my line of work because of the various devices that can be found in todays IT workplace. The hardest part of my job is being prepared for al the different challenges that I may face daily. The most enjoyable part of my job is that it is never boring. I feel like I am always able to grow and learn because of the ever changing world of technology.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Loyalty department
Loyalty department (Current Employee), torontoApril 24, 2015
Pros: benefits
Cons: Not hiring out side people, low wage, and not growth within the company.
I've worked at telus for multiple years & salary is low for what anyone does for this company.Also I referred a friend with an out standing resume and great indepth knowledge of all divisions & no one even called him.

I would advise senior management to have your recruiting department do a better job at selecting candidates for postions.I think telus is losing strong ( individuals ) because they only seem to promote or hire from within. Search the Market for candidates that can make telus strong & a better over all profitable company.

Also if you pay your employees a decent highly competitive wage then you employees will work harder.Don't be scared to teach newer employees or newly hired employees because this can benefit telus.

I find companies don't want to teach employees any more and then they wonder why companies are failing or going bank rupt.

The system wont change unless we change it.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Great People and Company
Business Analyst (Former Employee), Edmonton,AlbertaMay 14, 2013
Pros: free lunches, holiday celebrations, flexible hours, benefits and high wages
Cons: no job security, slow season (winter) lay offs.
I was working as a Business Analyst for a year and a half, I would Get tickets for locates (Alberta First call) then check our facility maps to see if there is conflicts with our facilites and where the customer is excavating. If there was conflicts I would send the ticket out the have a locate complete, if there was no conflict I would then give them clearance from TELUS.I also became a Team lead and would help train and manage my team, Unfortunatly I was only Temp and was laid off due to slow work in the winter. I learnt to use diffrent computer programs such as IRTHNET, Fieldview, and CISCO. I also helped Implement new procedures and standardized notes. The most enjoyable part of the job was the flexibility for work hours and my co-workers, The hardest part of the job was not having a permanent position and job security.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
It's all about the team.
Sales Representative, Koodo Mobile (Former Employee), Calgary/BurlingtonMay 20, 2014
Pros: good employee phone plan, good employee discount
Cons: terrible management, not team spirited
While working for TELUS I encountered differences as I moved from a store in Alberta to a store in Ontario. My experience in Alberta was phenomenal. The management team worked hard to ensure the success of each and every team member while providing constructive feedback on performance.

Upon transferring to Ontario I found it very different. I had a back-room manager and worked with a cut-throat team who undermined each other as they saw fit. Upper management even went so far as to make accusations of team members based on unfounded lies.

While I picked up many skills that are useful and thoroughly enjoyed my work with my customers, I would not return to TELUS in Ontario due to the lack of professional conduct within higher management. I would however, rejoin the team I had in Alberta if ever given the opportunity.
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