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Tansley Woods Family Health Clinic

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Tansley Woods Family Health Clinic
POSITION: Receptionist
REPORTING TO: Dr. Amanda Jerome

Dr. Jerome is working to develop and transform her family practice alongside the agenda of the Burlington Family Health Team, with the goal of ensuring access to quality primary health care. There are plans for relocation
 – more... (across the street) as well as growing our provider team to include multiple physicians and allied health.
The receptionists are responsible for supporting the daily operations of the clinic. The successful candidate will be responsible for understanding the clinic’s vision, mission, values and strategic plan so that they will communicate with and co-lead other team members. This person will help to ensure the safety of the workplace so that all equipment and policies are in place to function safely.
The position includes administrative, on a priority basis, as well as a clinical role.

Qualifications / Skills / Knowledge:
 Completion of college course in medical secretary or equivalent
 3 years of administrative experience (3 years minimum ideally)
 Proficiency in computer applications : Windows, Firefox, Adobe, Email, and internet research
 Demonstrated planning, organization, problem solving, research / analysis;
 Exceptional organizational skills;
 Excellent interpersonal and oral/written communication skills, and conflict resolution skills;
 Strong problem solving skills;
 Ability to maintain confidentiality and impartiality;
 Capacity to adapt quickly to a fast paced, dynamic work environment;
 High degree of accuracy and attention to detail;
 Proven participatory work style;
 Ability to work independently and with a team (e.g. ability to work effectively with all members of the health care team);
 Ability to prioritize, manage time effectively and be flexible in a very active work environment;
 High level of accuracy and attention to detail;
 Exercises good judgment;
 Experience in a medical setting and with electronic medical records (OSCAR software) is a definite asset.

 A sensitivity and compassion for the needs of the patients is a quality that is of utmost importance.
 Patience and tolerance in an environment that is very demanding.
 An ability to work under pressure, meet deadlines, and work independently.
 Initiative, organization and planning skills are required in the creation of office procedures and

 Ensure that the patients are well served.
 Ensure continuity.
 Liaise with patients and physicians.
 Handle administrative aspects to make the office operation more efficient.
 Represent physician - public relations - ambassadors.
Administrative Duties
1. Reception / Patient Visit Coordination
 Greets patients upon arrival, assesses and directs to appropriate areas
 Answers phone to set up appointments for patients with appropriate physicians and/or
Interprofessional health care providers (IHPs).
 Answers patient related questions or inquires and refers to appropriate individual if beyond scope.
2. General Office Duties
 Performs clerical duties (e.g. photocopies, faxes, e‐mails, picks up/delivers mail) for the team
 Carry out referral and procedure bookings.
 Assists with information technology problem‐solving including support of the electronic medical
record system
 Assists with patient communications (e.g. writing or organizing letter mail outs, phone calls, etc.)
as it pertains to quality improvement strategies.
 Supports operations of the clinic by proactively problem solving and following up when items
need to be fixed or cleaned up).
 Inputting / Tracking all business expenses
 Develop and distribute clinic forms, e-forms, resources, mail-outs to patients
 Oversee team scheduling, vacation requests
Clinic Assistance
 Maintain immunization fridge and supply
 Assist with orderliness and cleanliness of clinic
 Sets up and maintains examination room (e.g., medical equipment, supplies) and ensures its
 Cleans, sterilizes and maintains medical instruments/equipment
 Ensure waiting room cleanliness

Quality Improvement
 To identify best/appropriate sources of data.
 Assist with data improvement suggestions and corrective solutions.
 Collaborate with stakeholders and facilitate team activities as changes are implemented.
 Assist with patient communications (e.g. writing or organizing letter mail-outs, phone calls,
etc.) as it pertains to QI strategies.

 Promotes communication amongst the team
 Problem solves as staff issues arise
 Supports individual growth through ongoing professional development
 Upholds values of the organization amongst team members
 Promotes participatory management style
 Fosters an atmosphere of professionalism, accountability, shared learning, celebration and positive outcomes
Collaborative Relationships
 Liaison to sister-site
 Liaison to community partners, agencies, hospitals
 Develop collaborative role with onsite Physician(s)
 Know established work and administrative responsibilities
 Using time conscientiously, arriving on time for work in suitable attire and using breaks, flex-time and sick leave appropriately.

Confidentiality of Information
 Ensures adherence to the freedom of information act and protection of privacy.
 Exercises reasonable care with caution in protecting confidential and sensitive information related to clients and personnel.
 Maintains confidentiality of team, personnel and client information.

 Communicates effectively with health care team members to create a cohesive team
 Communicates effectively with all clients, families, peers, colleagues and other health care professionals, service agencies and community partners
**The above responsibilities are not to be considered all inclusive; the individual may be assigned other related duties in the interest of efficient operations of the clinic.

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