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Meet Our Team

Our team of consultants are experts on market conditions relating to personnel requirements. By getting to know (and maintaining contact with) key individuals in public/private groups, and companies, our recruiters can provide insights regarding the supply of personnel in specific areas – and spot trends as they develop.

Our staff currently includes: Industry specific and specialized, subject matter experts. Plus, three Certified Personnel Consultants, a Licensed Professional Engineer, and multiple Consultants who have earned their “Quality Circle of Excellence” designation – your assurance of a high degree of ethics, professionalism and technical competence. Click here to view our Code of Ethics & Standards.

We have opportunities you might otherwise never hear of. As a firm with over four decades of experience, we have a nationwide network of clients, professional contacts and friends that serve to help you advance your career.

How We Help

“Recruiting Excellence Since 1977” might be our slogan, but you don’t need four decades to catch up on how we help and what we do! Please feel free to watch our new, succinct 2 minute video to learn more about Stoakley-Stewart Consultants and how we might help your company with your next hiring need OR help you advance your career. We find the best people for your open position the old fashioned way - Headhunting! Visit our website today to learn more:



19 salaries reported
$30.30 per hour
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15 salaries reported
$46,246 per year
6 salaries reported
$24.05 per hour

About Stoakley-Stewart Consultants

Stoakley-Stewart Consultants Ltd. is an Executive Search/Recruiting Firm with international reach. We opened our doors in 1977 and house a team of top-notch consultants, each acting as a Subject Matter Expert in their chosen field. See ALL of our open jobs at:

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