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St. Michael's College
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St. Michael's College Employer Reviews

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Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Student oriented volunteer enviornment
Social Coordinator (Current Employee), Toronto, ONJune 29, 2012
While this is not a paid position, I have learned many things from experience in this role. First, I have been at the helm of organizing and marketing various student events that reach over 1000+ people. As a result my social skills have developed and have learned how to relate to different groups of people. Budgeting is also a skill I have learned – more... while in this position; I have dealt with budgets in excess of $2,000,000 of student money. Organization and punctuality has also been a critical aspect of my time in this position, without which I would not have achieved as much as I have. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
It's a work made fun with a place like home.
Clinical Instructor (Former Employee), Quezon Avenue, Iligan City, PhilippinesJune 14, 2013
St. Michael's College is a Catholic institution in Iligan City, run by the Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) sisters, offering four levels of education: elementary, secondary, tertiary and graduate school.

Its programs are accredited by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) for 25 years.

The school's – more... Vision, Mission, Goals and Core values are


We, the members of St. Michael's College community, witness to the compassionate love of Jesus Christ. Inspired by the virtues of Mary and animated by the Ignacian spirituality, we empower and nurture individuals into becoming transformed citizens with courage and determination to make a difference and contribute to social transformation.


We commit ourselves to:

1. Develop culture of appreciation, support and harmony and live with compassion and humility.
2. Grow in prayer and reflection, practice discernment and attain interior freedom.
3. Be open to global opportunities and trends to develop and maximize potentials and capabilities in order to become enterprising world class individuals who practice the values of Faith, Excellence and Service.
4. Advocate deep understanding of cultural diversity for peace and communion and promote environmental preservation.
5. Build up resources and sustain the ministry.
6. Consistently provide greater educational accessibility and opportunities to the poor.


Formation of graduates who are transformative agents in building a loving community through the exercise of interior freedom and responsible Ignacian Marian leadership.


The College graduate of St. Micheal's College is expected to:
a. Lead a life guided by Gospel values and Ignacian Marian virtues characterized by an active commitment and involvement in Christ's salvific mission;
b. Participate actively in community building and contribute the best of what he/she is and has in the exercise of his/her roles in the realization of a transformed society;
c. Render life-giving, humble service to others and share in the community's endeavor for peace, stability and prosperity;
d. Take every opportunity to enhance his/her personal and professional growth and development.



- is believing in the substance of things hoped for, and in the sign that the things not seen are true (Hebrew 11);
- is the unwavering trust in the complete fidelity of God's love; Clinging to God in good and "Not so good times".
- is the trust, hope and belief in the goodness of a person being the image of God.
- is the deep conviction that God deeply cares for us and will always act with our best interest at heart.

Some Related Values: Strong Faith in God, Prophetic Witness and Gospel Values, Nationalism, Justice, Communion.


- is the drive and passion to become the best of who and what we are before God and human kind in all aspects of our life.
- is an attitude to sustain improvement at all times in all areas of importance in one's life at the best level.
- is to do the right things at the right time, all time.

Some Related Values: Integrity, Competence, Resourcefulness, Discipline, Self-reliance


- is reaching out to others to develop their capabilities and help them liberate themselves from the quagmire of social, cultural and economic scarcity and deficiencies.
- is an act of kindness and generosity to sustain and dignify the lives of others.

Some Related Values: Stewardship, Humility, Charity, Courage, Preferential Love of the Poor

A typical day at the school in the Higher Education Department/tertiary level starts with a morning praise during the Flag Ceremony every Mondays of the week at around 7:15 in the morning. Important updates and announcements (such as birthday celebrants and accomplishments of the SMC family/school members are acknowledged) are made to known to the faculty and service unit personnel during the flag ceremony. Every week ends (Friday afternoon at around 5 PM, during activity period)the faculty and some of the service unit personnel has its coffee break wherein every department hold as the sponsor of the gathering in each week. Here updates of the school, important announcements, plans and changes in the school are discussed. Their is also an assigned representative in each assigned department per week to share to the group updates / re echoes the seminars they have attended. This is also the time wherein plans for the yearly escapades takes place. The school central administration headed by the school president sees to it that it has e good development plan for the year and years to come for the good of the school and the students mainly.The management is firm but fair enough in managing the school. What I have learned from this environment is that everything happens for a reason and that it made me what I am at present. I became even mature in handling difficulties and challenges in life. My coworkers were fine. In my first two years at work, most of them were my classmates in college. The most enjoyable part of the job is to be reunited with the persons I know in college and that to see students going well on their studies and following their dreams. Its good to hear from them that they have learned from you and is doing well in their choosen field. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
St. Michael's College was an excellent place to work and to increase my administrative skills. I loved working in an academic environment.
Administrative Assistant - Graduate Education (Former Employee), Colchester, VTJuly 12, 2012
Pros: great benefits, relaxed working enviroment, free college classes.
Cons: low salary.
Working with a variety of professors and adjuncts was challenging but fun and I really enjoyed my years at the college. The facalty and staff were so kind and caring to both students and staff.