Energetic Compassionate Caregiver or Nurse
Senior lady in her own home - Vancouver, BC

This job posting is no longer available on Indeed.

We are looking for exceptional, experienced, nurses and caregivers, for a senior woman who has had a stroke. She has paralysis, but is very active: swimming, wheelchair nature walks, music, gardening, and travel. She has lived predominantly in Holland and Kenya and speaks Dutch and English. She has dementia and you must be experienced, and highly capable, of compassionate care for an agitated and confused person.

The job involves a high level of personal care, administration of medications, taking vitals, simple cooking and light cleaning, and most importantly, initiating and completing activities.

We are looking for someone who works well in a team and can work at a fast pace. An interest in and willingness to participate in swimming and other activities is required. Some schedule flexibility is required, as care must be provided 24/7 by a small team.

We have a great team and need to add full time and casual members. If you think you're that person, please email the completed application below and attach your resume.

Location in Vancouver, Canada, near UBC. Pay from $18-$24/hour, depending on abilities.




(1) Describe a situation that shows your calming of an agitated (confused) senior:

(2) Describe how your clients can be confident that what you say to them is genuine:

(3) Describe a situation where you were assertive with a patient, but avoided sounding bossy:

(4) Describe how you are energetic, and have set and reached an ambitious personal goal:

(5) Describe how you work well in a team:

(6) Describe a situation where you resolved a dispute with a co-worker or client:

(7) Explain if you will be able to manually transfer an 83kg (183lb) client, with unreliable weight bearing (after training), OR only assist a co-worker with the transfer. A lift available in bed room but not in the community:

(8) Explain if you are able and willing to swim and do home exercises with the client (after training):

(9) Describe nursing experience (only answer if you have this experience), with an example of:
(a) Successful and accurate medications (patient is sometimes very agitated);

(b) Sterile insertion of an in/out catheter for sterile urine sample with minimum pain;

(c) Reporting unusual observations: repeat pneumonia or UTIs, fluids, vitals, bowel movements.

(10) Do you clean BC Drivers licence?
(11) Describe an example where you made an effort to learn about a client's or family member's interest, and shared that interest with your client or family member:

(12) Detail your personal interests (hobbies). Companionship is as important as nursing

(13). Describe other skills or qualities that make you an excellent candidate.