Über Developers: Next-Generation Intelligence Infrastructure
SecDev Group - Ottawa, ON

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Hold the phone! This is the most exciting software development opportunity since Google revolutionised search engines.

We are building the next-generation open intelligence infrastructure. We need next-generation developers to build it. If you are a visionary, passionate about the possibility of data science, a crafted coder ready to explore the intersection of big data and open analytics – we have a job for you.

You must have solid data skills, and the ability to code. You must care about the social in social media, but understand the power of networks, network data, and geospatial perspectives. SecDev seeks to understand the world, but we work within clear ethical standards. Our next-generation open intelligence infrastructure brings these worlds together: social media, network, and geospatial.

This is your chance to create something ground-breaking that will shape an industry and change the way we look at user-generated content and open intelligence.

We are looking to build an A-Team of über-developers. For that we need a team:


You can’t live without data – structured, unstructured, user generated, geospatial – you crave it all. You’d rather roll your own applications within advanced frameworks. You play Watch Dogs, and want to make science fiction intelligence systems a reality.

Skills we seek include:
- Experience developing complex analytical systems with real-time data feeds.
- The ability to deal with structured and unstructured data.
- Excellence in creating algorithms to determine influence.
- A good knowledge of designing and maintaining relational databases using an RDBMS such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle or DB2. Experience in designing relational database schema for use in dynamic, data-driven, web applications.
- An appreciation and experience in working with Hadoop, Cassandra, and big data platforms.
- Familiarity with embedding other platforms into dashboards, such as Tableau, CartoDB, SIGMA JS, D3, GEPHI.
- Knowledge of Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3.
- A love of interactive data visualisations and a penchant for building them.
- An ability to be disciplined, creative and to solve problems on the fly.


The internet is your playground. You love building web applications and widgets that help even the most luddite surfers enjoy the brilliance that is the internet. Your applications are quick and agile, loading on all major browsers and integrate seamlessly into websites viewed across browsers. If this sounds familiar, we want you.

The ideal WebApp Ninja will possess the following skills:
- An expert in building dynamic, data-driven, web sites using web application development languages and tools including HTML/HTML5, CSS/SASS/LESS, JSON, JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby. Preferred candidate will also have .NET skills as well.
- A love so great for OWS and widgets that you can’t stop yourself from making new ones.
- A passion for creating multimedia applications by using authoring tools.
- Experience analyzing, designing, programming, debugging, supporting, and modifying software enhancements and/or new products used in local, networked, or Internet-related computer programs.
- The foresight to predict application development requirements based on changes in underlying architecture.


You’ve played every video game, watched every episode of “A person of Interest,” and wondered why GUIs remains so lame. You want to turn science fiction into real life. You believe there is no issue merging function and form. You have an uncanny ability to lead people to what they want to know simply by good design. If so – we want you.

The ideal UX Maven will possess the following skills:
- A passion for user interface, preferring the simple over the unnecessarily complex.
- A stellar graphic design ability and demonstrated experience in designing graphical elements for web, print, and desktop and mobile applications.
- A knack for developing feature design briefs, logic flows and screen wireframes within evolving technology – and quickly.
- A master of Adobe Creative Suite.
- Knowledge of Javascript, HTML5 and CSS3.
- A love of interactive data visualisations and a penchant for building them.
- A lifetime of experience playing video games, and possessing a overwhelming desire to turn game interfaces into live systems.

We are building an entirely new team and we are seeking many different skill sets and candidates.

Experience and talent outweigh degrees – as we say, the proof is in the pudding. Show us your work instead of your diplomas.

Please submit your resume and cover letter, indicating what web development role you would like to play on this A-Team.

At SecDev we aim to improve awareness through open intelligence. We do this by building search and discovery infrastructure, conducting expert analysis on data uncovered. To achieve this we need an elite team of web developers.