Lead Software Engineer & Web Developer(s)
Scorpio Media - Toronto, ON

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Scorpio is searching for one or more Lead Software Developers and one or more Web Developers.

The best candidate would be prepared to work in a very fast paced (and fun) environment. Our work is extremely diverse and there are many divisions within the company. A tolerance, dare we say interest and desire, for a work environment that is very broad and constantly changing and evolving would be important.

Confidence in sharing thoughts and ideas is required - we want developers to feel an attachment to and be invested in their projects, and we create a safe space and incentives to do so. In other words, we want developers to share improvement/optimization concepts - there is no ego here in management that would block that or make it difficult to do. Attached to that is our wish to provide the tools and support to assist developers in creating their own small projects and seeing them to completion. We want innovators, not just developers. We find that most developers enjoy working on their own concepts parallel to the company's projects, and we'd like to participate and assist in any way we can.

As a summary, most (candidate) developers have at least a vague idea of what is going to be required upon entry. However, our case might be considered a bit extreme due to the sizeable and quick growth, and broad base of core functionality. Being able to maintain a fast paced (but still reasonable) work flow, and also being flexible and able to move from or between projects or tasks quickly would be optimal.

You would be joining an IT department of about a dozen staff members, normally divided into two or three groups depending on the current projects.

Where you are located is not necessarily important. Although, a strong preference will be given to individuals in Toronto, and a mild preference to individuals in the Bay Area, New York, London and Berlin (in order of preference). Recently, we have strongly considered establishing a head office; but even in that event, attending would likely be voluntary. In either event, we are masters at collaborating, developing, organizing and deploying work online, and therefore a remote work scenario is not an obstacle.
Desired Skills & Experience

We're looking for one or more individuals with multiple skills listed below:

Backend Web Development:
- A deep and low-level understanding of the PHP language
- Experience with MySQL/PDO
- Experience with the MVC architecture

Front-end Web Development:
- Experience with (X)HTML and CSS 2 + 3
- A deep and low-level understanding of the Javascript language
- Know-how on converting PSD to HTML/CSS
(we'd be especially interested in someone that could create web-based environments with UI styles to the calibur of: http://xbmc.org/skins/aeon/)

Additional programming languages, platforms, Facebook API experience and working experience are a plus, not a pre.

We're also looking for in the near future:
-Experience with iOS development (Objective-C)
-Experience with Android development (Java)
-Experience with Windows Phone (C#/Silverlight)
Company Description

Scorpio Media is primarily an online performance marketing leader (publicly, at least), in the full and classic sense. However, we are also involved in web/software/mobile development. Much of this development occurs to monetize our other arms of Internet marketing, and to add revenue streams to other web assets, which cover the entire gamut of online marketing. All of our development is for in-house purposes; we are not service providers. On top of this, we also provide financial consulting and services to our network of (thousands of) affiliates and partners (yes, it makes sense... promise).

Scorpio Media has experienced (and endured) tremendous growth in a relatively short period of time. We continue rapid growth, with no end in sight - we're not bragging, that's an advanced warning! The enterprise requires ongoing and ceaseless development, both for our internal system and for our external initiatives. We are innovators at heart, and seek to create the most disruptive technologies possible to present the most useful systems and tools to the Internet. We like to think of ourselves not as game changers, but as paradigm changers, as we seek to change the game entirely.
Founded in 2010, fuelled by work since 1893, Scorpio Media capitalized on a century+ of experience in the offline publishing and advertising world, and recently traded this physical world for a virtual model.

We quickly grew past the standard online marketing firm and established ourselves in several spaces.

Some of our most important areas of operation are:
1) Internet Advertising, all aspects
2) CPA Marketing, primarily
3) Social and Mobile App Development
4) Social and Mobile Commerce
5) Financial Services

We are already a multi-million dollar enterprise, and as stated, with growth metrics showing no decline.

For more information, please visit:
1) www.scorp.io
2) www.007cpa.com
3) www.james-wallace.com
4) www.meta-bank.com

Final Notes:

Perhaps contrary to an (understandable) initial assumption, while we are certainly quite diverse in our initiatives, there is a definitive cohesiveness and clarity internally with how these efforts are developed, deployed and how they interact.

The principals at Scorpio have been involved in online marketing for over 10 years now. Over that time they have employed close to 100 developers, in various capacities, with various skill sets, across countless projects. Many developers present as socially challenged, uncooperative, egotistical and even elitist. This type of behaviour does not fit with our company attitude and core principles, and therefore will be naturally rejected. If you are free of the above mentioned challenges, or are aware of these tendencies and winning the fight against them (and we can assist with that fight!), please feel free to submit an application.

On the other hand and on a lighter note, fun-loving, positive and happy developers are a welcomed addition, and compliment our team and our work nicely. And we can assure you that we will do our best to expand on that fun and happiness in any/every way possible.

If you think you'd be a good fit, in practical and ethereal terms, please let us know and we'd be happy to pursue this with you. Please reply with a short message and your resume or C.V to get started. Priority will be given to applicants that also message their salary expectations.

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We are in the online advertising and tech startup spaces. We are innovators at heart, and seek to create the most disruptive technologies...