Marketing Associate - Part time
RSC Business Group Alpha - Toronto, ON

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How to apply:
- Use the Reference Number: AT202
- Use the following link to fill out and submit the application:
- Include resume

Our Company
We design and build profitable businesses by providing evolutionary coaching, consulting, management and training services for entrepreneurs, business owners, executives and managers. We guide our customers and clients as they grow and evolve to the next level.

What Our Internship Is
Our internship provides participants with training, theory, practice, and real-world business experience. We know that some companies offer internships where participants do menial tasks, act as assistants, make photocopies, and watch other people do the real work. Our internship is not that. Our interns get the opportunity to do real work and get real experience to prepare them for their careers. The training that we provide involves definitions, theory, and practical application.

Our internship is not for everyone. Our internship is for people who want to work as part of a team that is building something ambitious one piece at a time. In our internship, you will learn new concepts about business, people, and yourself. You will practice looking at situations and thinking from new perspectives. You will have tasks that may feel unfamiliar or outside of your comfort zone. RSC Business Group Alpha trains and develops people and our interns are expected to grow as individuals and as part of a team. Part of our internship is about discovery and we expect people to make mistakes. We ask that you fail forward by learning from your mistakes so that we can improve and try again. Another component of our internship is learning and behaving consistently with our company culture which will be different than what you are used to.

- A commission is paid when any product or service is bought by a prospect that you produced. If you worked with other people to market to that prospect, the commission is split with those team members.

Time Allotment:
10 hrs per week, and the tasks are written below:
1.5 hours – weekly intern training
1 hour per week – Foundation Training videos
3 hours per week – to attend networking events and meeting business owners
1 hour per week – Marketing Department meeting or call
2 hours per week – marketing projects and activities
1 hour per week – reading the company charter and understanding the culture
30 minutes per week – miscellaneous activities

The first 2 weeks of the internship is mostly watching the first set of Foundation Training videos that provide essential information about business. skills training, and the position.

- Learn how to work inside of the RSCBGA culture & behave consistently with it
- Represent RSC Business Group Alpha in a professional manner at all times
- Find and attend networking events on behalf of the company and meet business owners and professionals
- Build and maintain the relationship between RSC Business Group Alpha and prospects
- Enjoy meeting and talking to new people
- Enjoy initiating conversations with business owners and professionals
- Marketing the company to business owners
- Generating leads for the company to follow up on
- Meeting and speaking with business owners
- Willing to be trained and to learn new concepts and information
- Update the CRM with notes about conversations and interactions with prospects and business owners

- Strategize to bring new prospects to the company through marketing

Expected Outcomes:
- The company is known in the marketplace
- The company is known by the target market
- Connections are made with new business owners who can be turned into prospects

Expected Results:
- Market to 4 new business owners per week
- Collect their business card or record their contact information
- Find out what they need and want for their business
- Attend 1 networking event per week
- Generate 1 qualified prospect per week

Expected Skills -

1) Oral communication skills
- Ability to communicate professionally within a diverse environment
- Listen attentively to what people say and understand their point of view

2) Organizational skills
- Keeping track of your work to do
- Able to manage your tasks and priorities so that you get work done on time

3) Interpersonal skills
- Work inside a team towards a common goal
- Keep team members updated on progress
- Establish and build relationships with other coworkers, strangers, and prospects
- Ability to understand the needs of people

4) Presentation skills
- Establish your credibility with the audience
- Engage the audience
- Communicate the content so that the audience understands it
- Inspire people to make a choice and take action
- Highly creative and able to think outside of the box

About this company
We design and build profitable businesses by providing evolutionary coaching, consulting, management and training services for...