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Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Just don't, its not worth it
Tier 1 Technical Support (Former Employee), Toronto ONAugust 23, 2015
Pros: You will find out how much stress you can take and learn what the real Struggle actually is
Cons: You will probably gain weight from not being able to go anywhere during your breaks, there's a gym downstairs you might be able to get to it and touch the door before you break is up
Working at Pearson Embanet as a tier 1 technical support specialist has taught me one thing. That I do not belong there.

After reading the previous review, It encouraged me to write my own to express my feelings as well.

The standards are set very high with minimal training. You are expected to go beyond your job description on a daily basis with very minimal reward/incentive.

When asking for assistance from superiors, it's very rare to get a straight answer ( as if they don't know the answers to your questions as well, though they are supposed to be the ones guiding you), typically you will get response such as " review your notes", or " probe them further". It can make one feel that you're issue is unimportant, in addition to that all this does is really prolong the issue further thus reducing your statistics.

Management often meets with employees to motivate them and speak about moving up in the company and promotions being available. Do not believe this. It won't happen unless someone leaves the company and as the person previous to this review has stated it's all about who you know.

If you have any constructive feedback about certain policies or methods you would like to bring up to the management team, prepare to be responded with:



"how/why would we do that, our current methods work"

You are timed to the second for breaks/lunches, and expect them to happen late, as your breaks are determined by whether or not the person before you listed on break/lunch schedule has gone already. If not, you will sit at your desk and keep working – more... until you are allowed to go.

The Company itself is great, if i had something company related to speak about ( benefits, parking, etc) it was fine. From speaking with others working at the company, they are content with their careers, however they are outside of the technical help desk department.

The issue lies with this particular department, the policies and methods in place may work for them from a business perspective however the Tier 1 technical support employees suffer with absurd tasks and expectations when dealing with live users.

The most enjoyable moment of this job is the moment your shift has ended, and you can leave.

In Summary:

If you enjoy being worked to the pinnacle that your body allows you to in an extremely stressful, incredibly fast paced environment. Than this is the place for you.

I HOPE this review does not get taken down, I HOPE that the Management team does see this and will change to treat their employees better and take feedback more seriously. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Steer away from this place
Technical Support (Current Employee), Toronto, ONApril 20, 2015
Pros: N/A
Cons: no ownership of employees well being, inadequate training

They talk the talk and make things look glamorous in the initial stage of hiring.


- Pay is very low ($35,000 Annual with no increases so expect to be there for 3 years + with no increase).

- Get to deal with some of the dumbest post secondary students in North America.

- Solve issues that you are not trained to solve. Expect to have to look for hours for the answer.

- Promotions are hard to come by and its by who you know and who you suck up to.

- Company throws the ownership of stats, motivation within, and how well the company is run on the front line staff instead of the management (even with a survey that showed 60% of employees are not motivated to work , they threw the ownership on the front line and they need to motivate themselves).

Advice to Management

Stop throwing the ownership on the employees and actually do something to motivate them instead of just expecting things to happen without giving much back.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Fast-paced, always busy
N/A (Current Employee), Toronto, ONJune 20, 2013
Pros: decent pay, good benefits.
Cons: no bonus, no job security
The company has been going through a transition and seems that everyone is on edge. It has been uncomfortable for most but it does keep you busy. It helped me maintain my time management skills.

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