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Royce Chow - Regional Director of Operations

A day in the life of a Regional Director of Operations

My region includes parts of Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah, so I’m constantly traveling. When I visit each restaurant, I focus on not only elevating operation standards, but managers as well.

What made you decide to stay and continue to grow at Panda?

I am fulfilled by seeing and creating career advancement opportunities for Team Panda.

How has Panda impacted your life?

Panda supported me through college and is now helping to pay for my daughters’ college funds. I am living the American dream. I own a home in a safe and beautiful community in Henderson. I am growing through learning. I am contributing back to the community.

What advice do you have for someone interested in Panda?

Panda is a learning organization whose mission is to better people’s lives.

Vipul Shah - Area Manager of Operations

What made you decide to stay and continue to grow at Panda?

Panda forced me to look inward to realize all that I am and all that I am not. I have learned more about myself and life in the last three years I have been with Panda then I did in the last 40 years of my life and I am a better son, husband, father and leader because of it, and that is why I plan to continue my growth with Panda

What advice do you have for someone interested in Panda?

Take Panda on fully. Embrace it, especially if you really want to find what your best can look like; there are very few companies that will challenge you and at the same time give you an opportunity to succeed in life and work.

Maya Kwong - Training Leader

A day in the life of a Training Leader

When I first get in, I assess the previous day's performance and closing numbers, and look for opportunities to follow up with guests and associates. Next, I have my associates perform food safety walk-throughs, identifying issues in the store and reinforcing food safety procedures.

During peak dining hours, I connect with my associates by working on the line, while slower hours are dedicated to training my assistant managers and managers-in-training. To support the area, I reach out to other stores to see if they need any assistance.

What advice do you have for someone interested in Panda?

Panda is a great place to take your first career step and has serious growth potential. The compensation and promotions are also very rewarding. Panda’s dedication and investment in people development shows me this company really appreciates talent and hard work.

Erika Koslen - Assistant Manager

A day in the life of an Assistant Manager

My day begins by greeting my associates. Next, I make sure that the store is fully stocked and running smoothly. Throughout my day, I like to get better acquainted with our guests. I believe that taking the time to talk to each one provides them with great service and of course, happy guests are more likely to return.

How has Panda impacted your life?

Panda has inspired me to not only continue my education, but to help with others’ development as well.

What advice do you have for someone interested in Panda?

Give it your all and you will be rewarded for it! As long as you put the effort in and are willing to learn, you will grow with the company and expand your knowledge.



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Panda Restaurant Group, parent company of Panda Inn, Panda Express and Hibachi-San, is dedicated to creating happiness. Whether through sharing good food with guests or providing opportunities for professional and personal growth with associates, all are embraced in a genuine family environment that is uniquely Panda. Founders Andrew and Peggy Cherng – more... 

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