Kitchen Manager
Original Joe's Restaurant and Bar - Coquitlam, BC

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POSITION: Kitchen Manager

REPORTING TO: General Manager / Area Manager

Summary of Work Performed:

This is the restaurant’s senior Food Management position, with overall responsibility for both day and night Food Operations. He maintains active control over the execution of all aspects of the operating system relating to food. An individual in this position oversees hiring, scheduling, purchasing, prep, meal production, cleanliness, food handling and safety for the entire kitchen operation. All Prep, Line and Dish staff report to this individual.

The main focus of this position is working with the Prep and Line Cooks through the day, as well as performing a number of administrative and managerial tasks.

Must be a strong team player, able to lead others, and able to work effectively with minimal supervision for extended periods.



Operations Activities:

Oversees activities of the Prep and Line Cooks on the day shift. Provides support/guidance as required for effective direction of the overall team. Places a strong emphasis on “doing things right”.
Is dedicated to guest satisfaction as it relates to food quality.
Ensures timely delivery of high quality menu items at all times. Knows bill times are important and places a high importance on hitting them.
Monitors all food safety and food handling activities for this restaurant location on an ongoing basis. Ensures that standards are excellent and appropriate at all times.
Ensures that the Night Kitchen Manager and his team are properly trained and performing to expectations.
Ensures that all aspects of the operation of the kitchen are in place on his days off.
Monitors the nightly closing process and ensures that the kitchen is in “ready to go” condition for the next day. Trains others to perform these steps as required.
Schedules regular daily and/or weekly maintenance tasks. Delegates such tasks to capable individuals in order to keep the kitchen in top working order.
Assesses what areas of the kitchen (Walk-in Cooler, equipment, storage areas etc) might need special or routine cleaning and directs Night KM and other staff accordingly.
Arranges for maintenance and repair of equipment as appropriate.
Responsible to see that such contracts as linens, knife sharpening, waste removal and grease recovery are being fulfilled properly, and that there is no wasted cost in these areas.

Kitchen Food Management Activities:

Checks stock on hand and prep levels daily.
Has a full working knowledge of all products and suppliers required in operating the business.
Places order with suppliers as required, ensuring adequate inventory is on hand.
Advises General Manager of any special items (beyond Food and Beverage) that may need to be ordered.
Establishes appropriate relationships with supplier reps.
Plans lunch meal specials. Reviews ingredients available, and strives to use existing inventory where possible. Is aware of cost implications of choices and makes appropriate decisions. Sets price according to acceptable standards for ORIGINAL JOE’S specials.
Receives all food orders. Checks invoices for accuracy against placed orders and for price changes. Returns for credit must be prompt and properly accounted for.
Must have certification in Food Safety with the appropriate level courses completed.

Labour Cost Accountability:

Manages overall labour cost budget for the kitchen. Makes any major decisions about scheduling, allocation of time for training and maintenance tasks.
Works closely with Night KM to ensure that labour cost issues are managed on the night shift.
Develops schedules for appropriate daytime coverage according to projected business levels.
Manages labour costs on an ongoing basis according to business levels.

Human Resources and Training Activities:

Leads by example. Always on the top of his game. Keeps his cool.
Plays the key role in the training of new kitchen staff in this location.
Conducts training sessions on food production, product knowledge, quality control, ingredient handling and related procedures for all kitchen staff as required.
Signs off on staff skills checklists as new employees learn their individual jobs and tasks.
Oversees the Night KM’s job performance directly.
Leads the process of providing performance evaluations for all kitchen staff, with the support of the Night KM for his team.
Maintains an atmosphere of positive and professional employee relations at all times.

Administrative Duties:

Takes period end inventory and manages food cost and labour cost.
Collects invoices and submits approved purchases for payment.

Miscellaneous Activities:

Works closely with the General Manager to ensure the restaurant is at a high level of performance with respect to food quality and customer service.
Pays attention to the ongoing development of his own kitchen management and foodhandling skills. Is interested in personal improvement, and seeks to reach a higher level of performance at all times.
Remains alert to, and is interested in, developments in the overall foodservice industry. Brings ideas that may be of interest to the company to the attention of the Original Joe’s Franchise Operations Team.
Provides support for and performs such other tasks as may be assigned by the General Manager or Area Manager from time to time.