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Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Good co-workers
Counter/Inside Sales (Current Employee), OttawaJuly 2, 2015
Starting at Don Park LP, and moving into Noble during a fairly smooth transition allowed me to learn firsthand what it means to be a good HVAC distributor.

I work with many employees who have knowledge and integrity in the way they do their job.

Easily said, the best part of Noble are the people who make it what it is.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
worst company I have ever work with. I want to rate this company with no star if i have a choice.
order picker (Current Employee), Concord, ONJune 17, 2015
Pros: very good playground for students (or anyone) to f*ck around with pay
Cons: way too many, can not list them all.
-warehouse is very dirty and dusty, products and shipments are everywhere

-lack of warehouse supplies all the time, this week out of boxes, next week we are out of packing bags, then next month out of pallets. This kind of warehouse operation behaviour at some company your get fired long time ago, but all three shifts distribution
managers are still working there nice and sound.

-lack of warehouse – more... equipments, forklifts and RF scanners are always short, funny thing is they keep hiring workers during the summer.

-they don't really care how you pick your orders, all they care is orders are being picked and ready to go

-every summer, noble hires whole bunch of students to help out in the warehouse, most of them have friend and family working at noble.
They just fool around in the warehouse to get pay, nobody cares if they do the picking right or not because they go back to school on September anyway, can't really fire them because they have family members working at noble (protected)

-unfair pay scale: student pickers get one pay rate, regular pickers get one pay rate and temporary workers from employment agencies get different pay

-not salary increase for the last two years, never pay me sick days and vacation pay.

-workers had accidents every year, dangerous warehouse to work at
-some people get promoted very quick (like 4 months) and some people will never get promoted (like over 5 years)

-some smartas* developed an order picking method called "zone pick" instead of 1 or 2 pickers to pick 1 order, now we have 4 to 6 pickers picking the same order, more time is wasted to complete the order, waste more warehouse supplies (boxes and tape) and shipper now havs to spend more time to find all the shipments, put them together and load them to the trucks. Customer instead of getting two skids of shipment, now he/she is getting 10 bundles, 15 bags and 40 boxes of shipments. For sure customer is very happy for that.

-did some non sense stuff, built a cage to lock up all the RF scanners at one building, but the things is the cage never lock up, everyone has access to it and all pickers need to get battery for their RF scanner (note: battery chargers are located inside the cage)
Funny thing is no cage at another building and at the receiving area even those locations are dock with all scanners and batteries

-the person who gives out orders don't know what he is doing, orders need a forklift he will give it to the the person using a cart

-management keeps telling you to work safe, at the same time they expect you to pick more. If you could produce 100, next week they expect you you to produce 150, if you could make it then next day would become 200, never never satisfy.

-lots of unreasonable policies – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Operateur de machine à imprimer (Former Employee), Montréal, QCJuly 17, 2014
Pros: ambiance amicale
Cons: pas de perspéctive
- préparation de machines, vérification de production, etc
-compagnie bien gérée