Charity Coordinator
Meadowvale Charitable Gaming Association - Mississauga, ON

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Meadowvale Charitable Gaming Association is seeking a part-time Charity Coordinator for the new e-gaming site now known as Rama Gaming Centre (formerly Meadowvale Bingo Centre) in Mississauga.



The Role of the Charity Coordinator in electronic gaming sites is one of the more important and significant assets of the Revitalization of Charitable Bingo model. This role is multi-faceted and the right person with the right skill sets is required to fulfill the contractual obligations that your Charitable Gaming Centre Association (CGCA) will have with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming. The Charity Coordinator will have a significant impact on the charities, the CGCA, the Operator and OLG relations and even on the customer so it is very important that the CGCA Board carefully assess the experience, knowledge and skill sets in order to select the best candidate. The Charity Coordinator will be directly accountable to the CGCA Board and will also have a dotted line reporting relationship to OCGA. This is to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experience and best practices across the province with the team of Charity Coordinators. Below is an overview of the roles a charity coordinator will have, the skill sets required to perform those roles as well as the Policy and Standards that have been developed for this role. Remuneration for this position will be between $20,000 and $30,000 annually for a part-time position – requiring between 20 and 25 hours per week.


The Charity Coordinator will be key person is assisting the charities to fulfill their contractual responsibilities and carrying out their new roles. Depending on the size of the GCCA and the facility, this position may be either full or part time. The roles can be shared if the financial responsibilities are carried out by a separate book-keeper/accountant. The following tasks will be expected of the Charity Coordinator.

  • Work effectively and cooperatively with the CGCA board

o Take direction from the board
o Provide feedback from the ‘front lines’
o Recommend programs, policies, and other initiatives as needed

  • Administrative support for charities

o Assist with permit applications, reporting, and other compliance requirements
o Have a significant on-site presence in order to be available to provide support as needed

  • Administrative support for CGCA

o Contract compliance – assist CGCA with carrying out its responsibilities
o Bona Fide member tracking
o Communication to member charities (Newsletters, Email lists, scheduling, meetings)
o Contact information management

  • Deliver effective volunteer training

o As required by contract using training materials provided by OCGA
o Hold training orientation sessions on an ongoing basis for new volunteers and as refresher
o Execute hands on training or shadowing of other volunteer giving trainees some hand on experience prior to executing their roles on their own

  • Charity Awareness

o Execute and maintain required initiatives as prescribed by OCGA and OLG
 E.g. Charity Nights, Fundraiser Events, Poster Campaigns, Multimedia displays
o Create and execute innovative awareness initiatives both on and off site
o Support awareness through member charities and their presence in the community

  • Partner liaison

o Primary point of contact for charities and volunteers
o CGCA onsite representation with operator, OLG and their respective staff
o Liaison and relationship with municipality
o Work collaboratively with the OCGA team and other Charity Coordinators to develop and share ideas and initiatives that will support charities in their role and increase charity awareness

  • Problem Resolution

o Work with all partners to assist in resolution of problems keeping the best interests of all parties in mind
 E.g. Volunteers and operator staff, Charities and Municipality

  • Financial (May be done by a Book-keeper)

o Calculation of distribution to charities
o Reductions in distribution due to compliance
o Electronic transfer of funds to member charities
o Monthly reporting to municipality
o Bookkeeping
o Banking


To execute the roles and responsibilities effectively, the following skills are required for this important position.

  • Ability to work with and be accountable to a volunteer board
  • Ability to work without direct supervision
  • Excellent person to person communication
  • Enjoys speaking in public
  • Strong planning and organization skills
  • Marketing and Promotional expertise
  • Experience with media and public relations
  • Experience in delivering training
  • Creativity (both artistic and innovative)
  • Audio visual knowledge (DVD, LCD, projectors, connections, etc.)
  • Advanced Computer skills
  • Software experience

o Internet browser (Explorer, Firefox, etc)
o Email (Outlook, Outlook express, Eudora, etc.)
o Word processor* (MS Word, Wordperfect)
o Spreadsheet software* (MS Excel, Lotus 123, etc.)
o Presentation software* (MS PowerPoint)
o Database software* (MS Access)
o Desktop Publishing (CorelDraw, Publisher, etc.)
o Adobe Photoshop
o Adobe Acrobat (pdf files)
o Accounting Software (Simply Accounting, ACCPAC, Etc.) ( for Financial role)

*Microsoft Office is recommended for compatibility


A Charity Coordinator position must be created from the administrative fund to assist the CGCA and charities in meeting their contractual obligations. A primary focus will be promoting charity awareness in the centre and delivering training in customer care and assignment roles/responsibilities. The coordinator role provides support, oversight, and monitoring to ensure that charities are carrying out their full responsibilities. A coordinated approach to publicizing the charitable organizations within the Bingo Centre and how the funds raised benefit the local community will promote the charities and the gaming centre.
Other required administrative and financial tasks such as scheduling, distribution of funds, and financial reports may be carried out by the Charity Coordinator or by separate part-time contracts.


1. The Charity Coordinator will provide support to the charities and the CGCA to assist them in carrying out their roles and responsibilities under the contract with Ontario Lottery and Gaming.
2. The Charity Coordinator will support the implementation of provincial policies and standards from OCGA and assist their charities with compliance.
3. The Charity Coordinator will facilitate training of the local charities on an ongoing basis.
4. The Charity Coordinator will work directly with OGCA, the CGCA and the Individual Member Charities to develop, implement, and monitor the promotion of charity awareness in the centre.
5. The Charity Coordinator will ensure a high visibility of the charity presence with a well-defined and workable charity area in the Gaming Centre.
6. The coordinator will assist in the negotiation and availability of technology to support charity awareness initiatives (e.g. in centre multimedia display)
7. The Charity Coordinator will oversee the design and implementation of displays and informational materials used to promote charity awareness in the Bingo Centre.
8. The Charity Coordinator will ensure that the charities’ roles with respect to Customer Care Support are well defined and carried out effectively.
9. The Charity Coordinator will ensure that volunteers clearly understand the tasks that are to be carried out during their assignment at the Gaming Centre.
10. The Charity Coordinator may be either a paid employee or under contract with the CGCA and funds paid to the coordinator must come from the allowable administration fund as determined by the OCGA policies.
11. The Charity Coordinator is accountable to the Board of Directors but should report to a designated supervisor.
12. The Charity Coordinator should be given the authority to carry out implementation of approved initiatives with a budget to support charities in their roles and responsibilities without constantly checking with the Board.
13. Additional roles and responsibilities of the Charity Coordinator may be determined and assigned by the GCCA. These tasks may include, but not be limited to the following: distribution of funds; assisting with applications/reporting; problem resolution; trained bona fide member tracking; communications; bookkeeping; etc.
14. Where there is a potential conflict of interest, it must be declared upfront and if conflicts become problematic, the Board must address the issue. Charity Coordinator should be arms length from operator.
15. The Charity Coordinator will work closely with the OCGA support team and Coordinators in other sites to exchange information and share lessons learned and best practices.