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Manitoba Start - Winnipeg, MB

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(January, 2014)


In consultation with the Executive Director/Designate, the Manitoba Start Business Developer will market the programs offered by the organization and support the work of Job Developers within the Job Matching Unit, by identifying potential opportunities with employers seeking to hire and support immigrant newcomers.

The Business Developer will adopt a pro-active approach to researching and identifying key opportunities, where a potential match could be created between newcomer skills with identified employer requirements. The Business Developer will promote the Diversity and Intercultural Training (DIT) as well as the English at Work (EAW) programs as value-added onboarding supports to employers and utilize these programs to foster new partnership opportunities. The Business Developer will also participate in special initiatives undertaken by the organization to expand its client base or test out new approaches.

The incumbent must possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills with ability to promote services in a tactful and professional manner. In addition, the Business Developer must have demonstrated knowledge and experience in dealing with the business sector in identifying opportunities that would support the labour market integration of newcomers, while also supporting employers who are and could be potential champions in the hiring, training and retention of immigrant talent.

The incumbent must:

  • Be a self-starter with a strong results orientation and possess a post-secondary diploma or degree in Human Resources Management, Commerce and/or Sales and Marketing from an accredited institution; an equivalent combination of skills, education and experience will be considered;
  • Display strong awareness of labour market trends, its fluctuations, high demand occupations and potential opportunities; to generate and follow up on leads;


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Business Developer
Job Description (January, 2014)

  • Demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to create new partnerships and opportunities;
  • Be a fast learner with the ability to develop a strong understanding of Manitoba Start’s programs within a short period of time;
  • Possess strong technical/computer skills, including word processing, database applications, and Internet research;
  • Demonstrate ability to consult whenever necessary, to ensure service direction and to develop and maintain positive and mutually beneficial relations with individuals, businesses, government and community-based organizations;
  • Possess own transportation, and be able to work within a flexible schedule and demonstrate readiness to adapt to changing priorities in a dynamic multi-tasking environment.

Knowledge or experience with immigration procedures and processes will be considered an asset.

Promotion/ Support

  • Initiate and nurture strategic alliances with potential employers such as businesses, professional associations, institutions community agencies, service clubs and unions in order to locate opportunities for Job Developers to connect and follow up with;
  • Develop a business plan and promotional material to market various programs, such as Diversity and Intercultural Training (DIT); English at Work; Mentorship program.
  • Continue to maintain contact with current and recurrent users of the program;
  • Identify and target new employers in collaboration with the Job Matching Unit;
  • Market the program through direct contact with individual employers by email, print and telephone contact;
  • Participate in employer events, such as Human Resource Manager monthly meetings and Chamber of Commerce breakfasts;
  • Plan and implement innovative community education and engagement activities to stimulate involvement in targeted communities;
  • Contribute content to a newsletter for dissemination to various businesses, highlighting the services offered by Manitoba Start, including English at Work.


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Business Developer
Job Description (January, 2014)

Administration/ Record Keeping

  • Assist businesses with funding plans and completion of applications, where needed – e.g: English at Work ;
  • Maintain program information and statistics;
  • Conduct program evaluation and reporting on program objectives and employment implications;
  • Complete reporting procedures as required by the organization and the funders.


Respect – will demonstrate and promote respect for all individuals; maintain a respectful, diverse and inclusive work environment where decisions and transactions are transparent and objective; will hold themselves accountable for their actions and will show proper acceptance or courtesy.

Integrity – will uphold the highest professional standards; shares complete and accurate information; maintains confidentiality when required; adheres to organizational policies and procedures; meets own commitments.

Teamwork – will encourage cooperation and collaboration among all staff, board, and volunteers; interacts with others effectively; able and willing to share and receive information; cooperates within a group and across other groups; supports group decisions; puts group goals ahead of own goals.

Diversity – will advocate for cultural competence, inclusivity, and equal opportunity; treats all people with respect, values diverse perspectives, participates in diversity training opportunities; provides a supportive work environment for the multicultural workforce; recognizes differences as opportunities to learn and gain by working together; seeks and considers divers perspectives and ideas.

Continuous Learning – will encourage and foster an environment conducive to learning; remains current with relevant knowledge and skills to improve services to clients; demonstrates an alliance with the values of the career development profession by continuing to develop as individuals and professionals; continually learns and promotes the value of learning for self and others.


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Business Developer
Job Description (January, 2014)

Client-Centered – will respond to employers and newcomers’ evolving needs; listens and responds effectively to clients; respects all internal and external clients and uses a team approach when dealing with clients; follows up to evaluate customer satisfaction, measures customer satisfaction effectively and commits to exceeding customer expectations.

Innovation – will contribute or develop leading-edge programs and services, applying best practices; able to challenge conventional practices and adapts established methods for new uses; pursues ongoing system improvements and creates novel solutions to problems.

Organizational Awareness/Commitment - Displays Advanced ability to realign own behavior and values with the needs, priorities and goals of the organization, promoting its aims and objectives to others; understands, accepts and practices the Guiding Principles incorporating them into everyday practices; act in accordance with organizational decisions and demonstrate with high-level professional integrity and confidentiality; demonstrates a solid understanding of the organization’s overall role in the community; contributes ideas and relevant concepts to the organizations continuous growth; reflects the strategies of the organization within the work unit; contributes to the culture and climate by demonstrating team effort and cultural diversity.

Collaborative Leadership – Possesses Advanced skill in Promoting and generating cooperation among one's peers in leadership to achieve a collective outcome; foster the development of a common vision and fully participate in creating a unified leadership team that get results to move clients from work search into gainful work; build consensus among one's peers in leadership; contribute to achieving service priorities by generating opportunities to collaborate; aligns people, work, and systems with the business strategy to harmonize how they work and what they do; conscientiously assigns performance goals, provides year-round performance feedback, and conducts timely performance discussions and reviews;

Relationship Building/Interpersonal Skills – Has Advanced ability to work to build or maintain ethical relationships or networks or contacts with people who are, or may be, potentially helpful in achieving work-related goals and establishing advantages; can include clients, clients, counterparts, colleagues, etc.; uses positive people skills to develop a respectful and responsive relationship with customer; demonstrates cultural proficiency in integrating cross-cultural awareness and diverse points of view; understanding how to build relationships by taking initiative, sharing information and being emotionally supportive; nurture strong, lasting relationships; demonstrate self-awareness to better understand others and to adapt behavior accordingly; knowing how to resolve conflict in a positive manner; understanding self and the similarities and differences from others.


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Business Developer
Job Description (January 2014)

Communication/Listening – Has Advanced skill to write and speak effectively, using conventions proper to the situation; states own opinions clearly and concisely; demonstrates openness and honesty; listens well during meetings and feedback sessions; reasoning behind own opinions; asks others for their opinions and feedback; asks questions to ensure understanding; exercises a professional approach with others using all appropriate tools of communication; uses consideration and tact when offering opinions; has the desire and ability to understand and respond effectively to other people from diverse backgrounds; includes the ability to understand accurately and respond effectively to both spoken and unspoken thoughts, feelings and concerns of others; reads body language and other non-verbal cues accurately and uses that understanding to give appropriate response; reiterates information to check understanding before drawing conclusions.

Persuasiveness – Possesses Advanced ability to establish credibility; frames goals in a way that identifies common ground with audience; reinforces position using vivid language and compelling evidence; connects emotionally with audience; able to express a position clearly, precisely and in a structured manner; delivers balanced and meaningful arguments by presenting in a vivid, structured manner; manages situations with a win-win outcome; builds credible relationships for future desired outcomes.

Results Oriented – Has Advanced ability to hold concern for surpassing a standard of excellent and striving for continuous improvement (self and organization); challenges personal goals and aims towards higher standards of accomplishment; holds self and others accountable for delivering high-quality results on time; gives priority to achieving results for the organization, even if it conflicts with one’s own personal goals or objectives;

Flexibility/Adaptability – Displays Advanced ability and willingness to adapt to and work within a variety of situations, individuals and groups; understands and appreciates different and opposing changes within one’s own job; remains open –minded and changes opinions on the basis of new information; performs a wide variety of tasks and changes focus quickly as demands change; manages transitions from task to task effectively; adapts to varying customer needs; adapts to changing work environments, work priorities and organizational needs; able to effectively deal with change and diverse people.

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