Embedded Systems Engineer
Levven - Edmonton, AB

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At Levven, we are passionate about enhancing your spaces and the way you live.

We focus our design, manufacturing and customer efforts to bring automation and responsive spaces to the everyday guy.

If you share our passion and have earned a proven record for embedded systems engineering – we want to talk to you about joining Levven. We are seeking an experienced embedded systems engineer to join our team. We’re looking for someone with strong digital hardware design, embedded C, Cortex-M microcontroller, and digital communication protocol skills. This person is passionate about crafting solid code, wonderful user experiences, and innovative hardware designs.

Reports to: Director of R&D

Job Level: Intermediate to Senior

Term: Permanent

Contributes to the achievement of the vision of Levven Research & Development Department by ensuring that overall quality and functionality of products in each assigned project meets customer expectations and manufacturing & delivering a defect-free product on time, every time.

Designs and develops in the most cost-efficient and effective manner possible based on the requirements of assigned project, following Levven R&D standards and protocols.

Location in the Organization: Reports to the Director of R&D.
Receives broad supervision (technical and admin) from immediate superior.

Personnel Reporting to this Position: None.

Guidance Received: Guidance is received from the President, Sales & Marketing, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, and the R&D departments.


  • Features and bugs are tracked on topic branches in Git.
  • Redmine issues are up to date and accurate.
  • Requirements and specifications are up to date and accurate.
  • Source code releases are versioned and archived.
  • Binary releases follow Levven release procedures.
  • Source code follows Levven commenting and formatting standards.
  • Architecture follows Levven design patterns and best practices.
  • All modules have automated unit tests and a top-level regression set.
  • Hardware releases are versioned and archived following Levven release standards.
  • Designs follow Levven templates, architecture, design best practices.


Records/Reports Maintained:

  • Engineering specifications, source code documents.
  • Project charter.
  • Redmine issues.
  • Scrum sprint estimates and hours tracking for burn-down.

Equipment Maintained:

  • Laptop/desktop computers.
  • Desk phone.
  • Test equipment, prototype hardware, and soldering stations.

Working Conditions:


  • When on site, work done is mostly within an office environment. Light physical effort is required for occasional tasks that involve new equipment set-up. Occasionally work is done in a test-laboratory environment. In general, exposure to potential hazards is at minimum.
  • This function will very rarely require the incumbent to travel, depending on project demands.


  • To achieve objectives of this function, the incumbent coordinates with

o Internally: Admin, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and the other members of R&D.
o Externally: the customer/representative & government agency representatives.

Major Challenges:

  • Interfacing with different departments across Levven.
  • Acceleration of learning to effectively support projects assigned and technologies employed.
  • Learning the Levven way.

Responsibilities (functional & relational, in order of significance):

Company Policies and Standards Compliance:

  • Compliance to the company code of conduct and policies.
  • Actively participate in Levven-wide programs and initiatives such as the quality management system and other management systems.
  • Ensure that all activities involving intellectual property adequately protect it and strictly adhere to confidentiality agreements.

Project Delivery:

  • Develop and update requirements, specifications, and user documentation following Levven R&D standards.
  • Coordinate with a cross functional team.
  • Version and archive code releases.
  • Follow Levven product release standards.
  • Follow Levven commenting & formatting standards.

Post Project:

  • Continually review the project specifications & references to cover possible/potential product regression.
  • Support scope changes as the need may arise.
  • Analyze product performance, discover issues and initiate resolutions.
  • Generate evaluation plans for project improvements as deemed necessary.
  • Support manufacturing by maintaining and updating knowledge, product history, and performance criteria.

Use of prescribed tools:

  • Git: Commit, branch, merge, and maintain source code in git.
  • Redmine: Create, edit, update, and maintain Redmine issues.
  • Altium Designer.
  • LPCXpresso, Eclipse, Code Warrior & other compiler tools.


  • Other functions that may be assigned by the Director of R&D for the achievement of Department & Company goals.

Duties (and/or tasks to perform critical to success):

  • Properly document project-related information and references, including but not limited to emails, using the R&D tools provided: Redmine, Git repositories, IDE, and compiler tools
  • Develop using LPCXpresso, embedded C, debugging and flashing tools.
  • Develop source code according to Levven standards.
  • Develop test cases and regression sets according to Levven standards.
  • Design hardware according to Levven standards including procedures for schematic capture, PCB layout, PCB routing, fabrication, testing, and documentation.
  • Design hardware that uses microcontrollers, RAM, ROM, digital circuits, analog circuits, analog to digital converters, digital to analog circuits, PWM outputs, voltage regulation, current monitoring, battery charging, isolation, rectification, DC to DC conversion, current regulation, serial/parallel/wireless communication interfaces, etc.
  • Perform prototype fabrication, design verification, testing, and sourcing where appropriate.
  • Prepare documentation and samples for agency approvals.
  • Prepare documentation for manufacturing readiness.
  • Design and fabricate test automation systems for production use.
  • Align designs with requirements for firmware development.


Education: flexible (Director’s discretion)

Minimum Experience: flexible (Director’s discretion)

Knowledge/Skills Requirements:

  • Object oriented design and architecture, encapsulation
  • Scrum and Agile methods
  • Embedded C
  • Cortex-M0/M3, and Coldfire microcontrollers
  • Regression and unit testing methodologies
  • Serial protocols and microcontroller peripheral driver development
  • Single-step debugging
  • Schematic capture, layout, and routing with Altium Designer
  • Cortex-M0/M3, and Coldfire microcontrollers
  • Serial communication (SPI, I2C, I2S, UART, RS-232, RS-485)
  • DC-DC and AC-DC power supplies
  • Test fixture, bed-of-nails, and test automation design
  • Git or equivalent distributed version control system
  • Redmine or equivalent bug tracking system

License/Certification Requirements: NA

Salary Range: $70,000.00 to $110,000.00 annually