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Work/Life Balance
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Classroom teaching of small class sizes is a wonderful teachinfgexperience.
Program Coordinator, Wolfville, NS - July 23, 2013
A typical day at work consists of teaching students a wide variety of skills such as reading, spelling, lab report writing and even social skills. Everyday I learn something new. Sometimes it is something about a student or how to use a new software program, and sometimes it is a new Zumba move. Being part of the management team is a great deal of paperwork, but it is rewarding to help a high risk student and their family. My co-workers are a big part of why I enjoy my job.We collaborate to help students, we workout together, we eat meals together but most of all we problem solve together. The hardest part of my job is letting go and not bringing it home, when students are at their most stressed. The most enjoyable part of my job is seeing the student succeed at something they thought they could not do.