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Assisting customers with the services we provide for them
Customer service/Collection agent (Former Employee) –  Cambridge, ON29 June 2014
Helping customers to find the best solution for them so that they can get their services back. I learned how to help people that were having financial problems at the time. The management made sure we did our job correctly. My co-workers were rally good people and they made my work fun. The hardest part of the job was when I did t have authority to help a customer which really needed help but i always gave them the direction were someone else could help them. The most enjoyable part of the work was when the customer tells me that I helped them that made me happy.
Helping people
working on sundays
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Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Keep your head down.
Senior Sales Representative (Former Employee) –  Scarborough, ON10 February 2018
This is the 1800Flowers job at IQOR.

This job is obviously a lot of sitting.
Be prepared to be badgered with questions or stared at if you want to stand up to stretch your legs as your managers stare at you with disapproval.

Every single one of your breaks in questioned, even if you sit at your desk to blow your nose. (No exaggeration here.)

In your down time with the mics muted and no customers, you're not allowed to talk to your co-workers who sit beside you.
Even though you sit intimately close with many people there.
I remember being told to "read the manual"
Have fun doing that 1,000 times regardless of how well you do your job and if you've remembered it.
You will see favourites get away with this though.

They show serious favouritism. People will be on e-mails all day and chatting, but God-Forbid if you want to switch from calls to e-mails to give your throat a break.

On top of that one person could be working diligently and their counterparts are fooling around, but they are favourites, so it's okay.

I remember a girl was on her break and was sitting next to another co-worker to coach him.
She was told to leave the floor for her break, meanwhile the favourites all sat at their desks fooling around on their breaks. The hypocrisy made me disgusted.

The managers fool around a lot.
I mean all they do is joke around, but don't partake. They are literally there to bring you down. It seems like fun at the time, but you will be reprimanded for it.

They will most likely let you go before you've worked there for 6 months. This way you cannot
  more... fight back for wrongful dismissal.

You need a 98% job attendance rate.
Favouritism comes into play here a lot. (Co-worker away every day for 3 weeks except maybe 1 or 2 times a week they would come in. They are full time. Asked them what happened, said they were sick with strep throat. They brought a doctor's note.)
Another Co-worker had their wisdom teeth removed. They had surgery, and missed days. One day they were throwing up (because of their medication, and went home early. They came back with a doctor's note. Regardless, they were let go soon after for attendance, even though they tried to power through, and the other co-worker did whatever they wanted.)

Even if you are sick, or if you need to take a loved one to the hospital. (My co-worker's mother was sent into surgery. She was her only relative in Ontario and wanted time to take care of her.)

Regardless of your doctor's note, or the severity of your condition, if you haven't given notice at least 1 week prior, it's ground for dismissal.
(Co-worker's hand was slammed in their car door. They missed work for 2 days, and finally came in with a cast and a doctor's note. They were fired soon after.)

I don't mean a little "I have a headache." I mean "I have appendicitis and cannot come in." Your attendance will go down.
You get a fleeting warning like "Hey, come in tomorrow." then surprise you with "Your attendance sucks."

If you have kids, I feel bad for you.
They are not accommodating at all to families.

If you want time off for the holidays, book it 3 months in advance or you will be denied time off.
If you want a religious holiday off, forget that too. If you're scheduled to work you work.

These experiences I'm talking about are what happened to several of my co-workers. The final situation about wanting a religious holiday off is my own. I wanted to be at church for good Friday, I told them about it 1 week in advance and they said I need to work that day, and can't give it to me.

Of course I didn't attend work that day.
I was reprimanded for not going in of course.

I quit soon after.

You cannot move up in this job.
They will have other job positions that they say they look for inside hires first. They do not.

On a final note tie your lunch up in many bags. Make it look as undesirable as possible. I've had my lunch stolen several times, container and all. Regardless of voicing my opinion, nothing was done.

This job has amazing holiday bonuses though.
Good Holiday Incentives, The job is easy.
Favouritism, Not accommodating to families, No respect for religious values (unless you're muslim), theft with no consequences, management fools around a lot
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Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Productive and Driven
Call Centre Agent (Current Employee) –  Toronto, ON10 February 2018
Highly productive call centre driven by numbers, which I get/understand as that equals more customers which equals job security. They will incentives for you on top of your pay. They also give opportunities to agents to work from home, which is an added bonus. Communication is expected to go both ways obviously. Overtime is offered.
Overtime and incentives
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