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Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Challenging place to work. It was a crash course in human interaction
Security Officer (Former Employee), Toronto, ONMarch 9, 2014
Pros: got to meet many interesting people
Cons: sometime had communication problems as the buildings clientel were mostly mandarin speakers
Arrive at 0645. Take up position in main lobby at 0700. Maintain discipline and order in main lobby. on Sundays the doors were locked so i had to maintain access control. There were 2 Chinese schools on the 1st floor of the building and this resulted in over 200 people entering and exiting the building both days on weekends.
The hardest part of the job was keeping traffic in and out of the main lobby in order. Building management had been having a very difficult time with this problem. It was difficult for me at first but with strict adherance to the building rules and a curtious and dignified manner when dealing with people, i was able to restore order to what was chaos.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Security was an educational experience,but I'm looking forward to new experiences
Security Guard (Former Employee), Toronto, ONJanuary 29, 2014
Pros: sometimes you where included in office events
Cons: rotation shifts
A typical day in security varied, one day you where dealing with an upset customer,fire alarm or someone who required first aid,everyday was so different from the next.

I learned that I do remain calm under extreme pressure,able to multitask,I'm always able to deal with people in a friendly matter even if the person is upset and I also learned how to defuse problems.

Inreguards to management I was able to inform management about issues that came up at the site i.e needing supplies.issues with other employees and any emergency situations that came up.

I really enjoy working with co-workers interacting with them on a daily bases,and having a great team is a integral part of being in the industry,cooperation is the key to success while on the job.

The hardest part of the job for me was that the industry is not regulated enough and there for it made my job difficult,there where no incentives given and you never really got the acknowledgment you deeserved.

The most enjoyable aspects of the job was you learned something new everyday as well as interacting with people.
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Experience is alright but management and supervisors will misuse you if you are a hard worker.
Previous employee (Former Employee), MobileJanuary 25, 2013
Pros: experience
Cons: under pay, mean management, they don't care about you, no team work, ppl work their hate their life.
Very good experience in terms of time management and other learning experiences.
For mobile job they start you off from 12 the maximum 13.
The supervisors on the road are extremely useless. They do the bare minimum of work. The management is absolutely horrible. They are non approachable, jokes, use bad language and makes jokes of you while you not there, don't care about their job, and they never care if their supervisors on the road is doing their job or not. The guys who make 12 or 13 hour they work extremely hard.
These guys put 30 to 40 kms overspeed on the road to meet the work requirements.
The management use a magic word saying you are doing a good work, we gonna promote you to a senior patrol officer. Well basically that means more work for same pay. Pay never increases.
If you very well on your evaluation you are eligible for 19 cents per year raise if you are making 13. And even then you must do like 10 courses to be eligible for that. 3 courses are more than 2 days.
Don't work for less than 15 at this work place.
Do your self a favor. If not you will regret it. Good luck. And don't let the management yell at you. Quit the job if necessary. Btw in last two months 10 guys left the job and most of them didn't have a second job. And lot of those guys worked more than 2 years with the division.

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