Entry Level Social Media Specialist
HR.com - Aurora, ON

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WANTED : Socially Influential Virgin : Aurora, Ontario, Canada or Bangalore India

So, it turns out that managing the world’s largest B2B social media site for Human Resources is a lot of work. And if that isn’t even enough, then we have to worry about the Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter and whatever new fad in social media just received mega bucks from some Silicon Valley high profile VC as well. The result is that even though we are the largest social network for HR Executives, we need someone to manage our social media and drive traffic and interaction for all our members.
There is no formal set of requirements. As we all know, these things change every day and many of the responsibilities will be up to you to propose and change weekly based on the whim of the latest hot start up funded by VC’s in California. The position will be mildly compensated (“mildly” meaning on a heat scale ranging from Sweet Bell peppers to Habaneras… Ketchup) yet challenging, as we don’t believe anyone really understands the internet except of course Al Gore. You can perform your duties from anywhere in the world 24x7x365 which are in fact your work hours, but we prefer to be close to our team in Aurora, Canada and this is non-negotiable for the most part, usually, kind of. We are looking for someone Rob Ford Edgy … without the Crack, Alcohol and racism videos. You should send us a viral campaign on why Rob Ford is an HR Nightmare. You should be ready to wear a “Stay Clam and Social On” t-shirt and toque if survival requires it.
Broadly speaking, your professors/bosses consider you brilliant and therefore turn to you for help managing their Facebook privacy settings. (Having actually successfully reset them is not a required skill.) You have strong opinions about new tech products, are ultimately wrong more often than you are right, and are proud to admit so to everyone except our German developers who are always right. You know exactly how Google could win at social if you could just get Eric, Larry, and Sergey to return your damn emails, and you have tattooed three potential business models for Snapchat on your inner thigh, along with your favourite selfie. You can foresee how Apps will help you become a better leader and how you can fix Rob Ford. Finally, you have asked your parents to stop calling you on weekends and instead submit their questions to you via text.
You understand basic internet trends, especially social, and are textually active. You’ve gotten to second base with HTML and Google Adwords, even better if at the same time (you animal). Your university / college friends tease you for being a social extravert and nerdy. You are seriously considering whether there is a mass market for Ryan Holmes, Mark Zuckerburg, Kevin Systrom, Marc Benoiff, Larry Ellison trading cards, and even if you decided there isn’t, you printed yours anyway.
You refer to people by their Twitter handles first and often drop hashtags in conversations. You dream about analytics and conversions, shortcodes and sharing and sleep with your iPhone. Gary Vaynerchuk and Kevin Rose order whatever you’re drinking. You bring Jagermeister to the company potluck. Tony Hsieh calls you when he is feeling unhappy, and Mark Zuckerberg has unfriended you.

You’ve had a tipping job, or built webpages, or built webpages for drinks. You’ve traveled extensively abroad and can say “What is your Wi-Fi password?” in over 10 languages, and have a Xing and KIK profile. You watch Netflix, don’t own a TV, and think the only time you should be socially unconnected is when you are playing or watching hockey. You wish the Dos Equis guy would post his 23andMe results with you to see if you really are related.
To apply, send us your resume, a bio, a general statement of why the hell you would want to risk your reputation by being associated with such an outfit as HR.com, and name three things you would do if you were in charge of our social media. Lastly, to ensure you have actually read this far, and if you have, I probably owe you an apology, but please include your favourite “Why I love Rob Ford colloquialism” with your viral campaign.

Attached are our Manifesto. If interested in this position , we require you to complete an assessment. This assessment will take you 45 minutes to complete and should be done with Jagermeister. . In addition, email us your resume and your Rob Ford Viral Campaign Idea and Colloquialism.

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