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Graduate Support Services at the University of Calgary is seeking an enthusiastic individual to be a part of a dynamic team in providing job searching, career and small business development, and employment supports for adults with developmental disabilities. This individual will be committed to the inclusion of people with developmental disabilities. – more... The best candidate for this position will be able to build partnerships and communicate with community members, graduates, families, and employers. Candidates should have the ability to work independently (and in a team), problem solve, and a capacity for innovative and creative thinking. The ideal candidate would be comfortable approaching potential employers. In addition, business experience/knowledge or experience/knowledge in sales would be considered an asset.
This position is full time and requires a university or college education or previous experience with employment and business marketing, advocacy, or employment and business support. If you are friendly, organized, motivated and dedicated to partnership building and innovative thinking, then please apply to be a part of the Graduate Support Services team.
Graduate Support Services:
1. Provides support based on individual need, assisting graduates and their families in identifying specific goals related to employment, volunteering and/or business endeavors.
2. Plan and support strategies whereby goals can be achieved.
3. Meets with graduating students and family/guardian to gather information regarding skills and needs, and to update resume or create business plan.
4. Assists graduates and upcoming graduates in determining the socially-valued roles in the community that would be the most suitable to their preferences and needs; in so doing, assisting students and families in formulating a business and/or employment support plan.
5. Facilitates access to inclusive employment/volunteer placement and/or small business training and resources.
6. Facilitates the development of skills in the areas of employment/volunteering and/or business ownership that will promote independence.
7. Promotes connections to the community made through relationships with coworkers, managers and/or business associates.
8. Maintains continuous access to resources available through the University Alumni and community related networks.
9. Maintains contacts with individual employers and coworkers at the work site.
10. Maintains phone contact as needed with parents/guardians to ensure appropriate information exchange so as to support graduate/family choices.
11. Provides job support to individuals at the work site as needed.
12. Provides Business coaching and support as needed.
13. Prepares, researches and facilitates the marketing, advertising and ongoing education of small businesses.
14. Prepares, researches and facilitates potential employment opportunities
15. Provides a job/business analysis to ensure that graduate skills and needs are suited to job/business expectations.
16. Orients employer and co-workers to student skill and need areas.
17. Supports graduates with the overall operational responsibilities of a small business.
18. Breaks down hidden barriers by education and promoting natural supports and mentoring relationships wherever necessary.
19. Ensures that graduates continue to hold socially valued roles within the community. – less

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