Junior/Intermediate Web Application Developer
FireRabbit Inc. - Ottawa, ON

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Job Posting Closing Date: September 30, 2013
Contact: Alex Gosselin
Employment Type / Length: Temporary, Part-time (30-36 hrs/week) until March 2014
Locations: Ottawa or Edmonton
Starting Date: October 2013


FireRabbit Inc. is a company that develops and publishes mobile games on the iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble marketplaces. Building on our success, we’re hiring someone to build a web application to help others develop mobile Adventure Games.

FireRabbit Inc. is seeking a Junior or Intermediate Web Application Developer to develop this web application while working from their own home. Some Web Application development experience is required and a solid aptitude for programming and scripting must be demonstrated. We’re also especially interested in candidates with proven abilities to create gorgeous websites that are highly interactive (AJAX/jQuery).

Eager to develop experience programming web applications, while earning good rates and obtaining a great reference? We’d like to hear from you!

Technical skills

You’ll need experience in these areas:

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript/AJAX/jQuery;
  • Scripting/interpreted languages (at least 1): PHP, ASP or Ruby;
  • Programming (at least 1): Java, C#/.NET, or any compiled language;
  • Graphic Editing (at least 1): Illustrator, Fireworks, Corel, Gimp or any image editor;
  • Databases (at least 1): MySQL, SQL, PostgreSQL or Rails;
  • Content Management Systems, including creating plugins, and installing, configuring and applying templates (at least 1): Joomla, Drupal, etc;
  • Knowledge/Experience of integrating web applications with various web services and APIs (like PayPal, Amazon web services, etc); and
  • Experience setting up and using your own web server environments (WAMP/LAMP, etc).

We will also need to see examples of your previous web applications, CMSs, and websites.

Mobile app development experience for Android and/or IOS (especially Corona SDK, Unity 3D or native SDKs) would also be an asset but is not required.

How to apply

To apply, please reply to this job posting and attach your résumé, attention Alex Gosselin. Mr. Gosselin has a background in Software Engineering, web application development and mobile application development, and is a co-owner of FireRabbit. Mr. Gosselin will be conducting all initial interviews over the phone or Skype.

To apply, you must:

  • Possess a good combination of the “Required technical skills”;
  • Have graduated from a Computer Programming or Software Engineering program, or be currently enrolled in one (2 years completed minimum), or have suitable working experience;
  • Possess your own working space with internet;
  • Be able to work independently with minimal direction while communicating over email, Skype, and phone;
  • Be able to attend meetings in person in Ottawa or in Edmonton (wherever you live);
  • Be able to work part-time (30-36 hrs/week) at your own leisure (you choose your working hours); and
  • Be adaptable and able to pick up new techniques.

You will be expected to:

  • Adhere to requirements given to you;
  • Write programming code from scratch and adapt existing website software and graphics packages to meet our business requirements;
  • Test the web application and identify any technical problems;
  • Upload the web application onto a server and configure it properly;
  • Modify and adapt databases;
  • Use and integrate 3rd party tools and systems where possible;
  • Meet with other team members or FireRabbit representatives as required; and
  • Create mockup designs as required;


You will be hired as temporary, part-time (30-36 hrs/week) employee. You will propose your desired rate during the interview. As a general guide, $25/hr is too high and $10/hr is too low for a web application developer. Developers who perform well may be renewed/extended.

What’s the project?

Build a Web Application from the ground up. This Application will interface with 3rd party applications (back-end integrations), provide file management (upload/download), roles base services (authentication), be database driven and have various other Major Features.

What to expect

If your résumé is screened in and you successfully pass the interviews, you will be offered temporary, part-time (30-36 hrs/week) work with FireRabbit ending in March 2014.

As an employee, you will be tasked over the phone, Skype and/or email while you work from home. You’ll be required to a Work Log book daily. You are expected to provide updates to FireRabbit at a level of detail and frequency specified by FireRabbit.

You will be managed by a Senior Developer that will monitor your coding efforts, provide direction, review your work logs, and guide your progress along the way.

You will be paid monthly on the 15th of the month that follows. For example, October wages will be paid by November 15. You will also receive official paystubs, which are subject to typical employment deductions (EI, CPP…) and will received T4 at the end of the year.

You are responsible for your own computer, equipment, and software licenses.

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