Pastor of Children's Ministry
Faith Community Baptist Church - Airdrie, AB

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General Responsibilities
1. Qualifications
In addition to being a devoted follower of Jesus Christ, loving children and recognizing their significant potential, s/he will hold a related bachelor’s degree from a recognized college/university that qualifies her/him to coordinate and oversee a quality program of education for children aged nursery through grade six. As well, they should demonstrate a mastery of basic leadership, organizational and time-management skills ideally acquired via previous experience in a similar position. Enthusiasm, dedication and faithfulness are essential traits for the person holding this position.
2. Recruitment of supporting staff
S/he must be comfortable with and successful in the recruitment of a supporting team to assist in the planning, preparation and delivery of a suitable children’s ministry for regular worship times and other occasions as the ministry develops. S/he will hold regular team meetings for resourcing and communication purposes.
3. Child Care Skills
S/he will exemplify basic child care skills suitable for a position that includes primary responsibility for multiple children. Knowledge of how to motivate children, how to plan and supervise children's activities, how to positively direct the energy of small and large groups of children, and how to deal with medical emergencies is essential. Important skills include facilitating and overseeing interaction between children, maintaining a clean and safe environment, maintaining order and discipline, and story-telling.
4. Teaching Ability
Creatively employing the contents of the Bible, s/he will demonstrate the ability to model, instruct, and otherwise educate children with respect to loving and respecting others, basic moral choices, and growing in spiritual truth. S/he should be comfortable with a variety of communication techniques such as story-telling, role playing, use of visual aids, etc. S/he should possess the ability to relate to children on their level while also maintaining authority and competency. S/he must be able to make the lessons of scripture relevant by helping children learn how to apply timeless truths to their own lives. Some experience with training potential teachers is also desirable.
5. Pastoral Presence
S/he should demonstrate personal commitment to living a godly life, possessing a personal and vibrant faith, and displaying an eagerness to mature professionally as a minister. Pastoral presence is defined by the ability to comfort, encourage, counsel, inspire and strengthen both children and parents in accordance with Christian discipleship. Such pastoral skills as consoling a child who has lost a loved one, communication with parents, and teaching youngsters how to respectfully conduct themselves as believers and citizens are essential. The children's pastor should also be capable of interacting with children on theological topics such as The Lord’s Table, baptism, and the Holy Spirit.
6. Event and Service Planning
The Pastor of Children’s Ministry is to schedule, organize and oversee the numerous details of events such as special children’s services, (e.g. Christmas program), field trips, drama/plays and additional activities as directed. Accordingly, s/he must be able to think things through thoroughly, logically, and follow all necessary rules for maintaining safety in order to make such events fun and successful. In the case where the church may wish to feature a special children's service, s/he should be able to select appropriate music and scriptures, integrate child and adult participation, and otherwise create an atmosphere that is conducive to worship for the entire congregation.
7. Leadership Ability
The Children’s Ministry pastor must be a leader who is capable of delegating and inspiring both children and adults to action. S/he should have a good idea of what makes a successful organization and should be a person to whom others look for leadership.
Specific Responsibilities
1. A primary role of the person holding this position is to oversee the recruitment, scheduling and training of volunteers to serve in the various leadership duties associated with a Sunday morning ministry for children aged nursery through grade six:

  • ensure that church policies with respect to legal/insurance (e.g. police check) of volunteers are followed
  • schedule regular training and information sessions for volunteers throughout the school/church year
  • promote Calgary-area resourcing events to the volunteers
  • schedule and oversee regular appreciation announcements/events for Children’s Ministry staff

2. Review and select an appropriate curriculum for the above-mentioned Sunday morning ministry and schedule the lessons for the school/church year.
3. Establish and maintain an effective Sunday morning routine in preparation for the day’s ministry:

  • ensure classroom/nursery doors are unlocked
  • ensure rooms are right temperature and ready for use
  • ensure the necessary supplies are available in classrooms
  • ensure the “snacks” are provided

4. Attend and participate in regular staff meetings for purposes of coordination and communication regarding overall church program with other staff. The use of existing and new methods of communication with volunteers/parents/congregation is expected.
5. Oversee the planning for and coordination of any special events/service for/by children such as a Sunday School Christmas program, worship-service presentation, field trips, etc.
6. Work with volunteers in establishing a useful “beyond the classroom” rapport with children and parents for purposes of providing an environment of spiritual care for each youngster.