Nurse Practitioner
Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network - Edmonton, AB

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The Nurse Practitioner (NP) holds a Master of Nursing or equivalent graduate degree with a focus on advanced clinical nursing practice. The NP will participate in the development and growth of clinical teams that will assess, plan, deliver and evaluate nursing care to the practice population. This NP will work with Family Physicians in the community, other health professionals and local and regional programming to ensure a high quality of evidence-based health care to the practice population.

The NP will work with the Primary Care Network and will report to the Primary Care Manager of the PCN. The Nurse will provide leadership in the development of novel, integrated, community-based solutions to chronic disease management in a Family Practice setting.


Key Responsibilities

  • To participate within a team of allied health professionals in primary care across the PCN.
  • To develop practice protocols for the care and management of patients with complex, chronic disease in a multidisciplinary team environment in keeping with the objectives of the PCN.
  • To make professionally autonomous decisions in managing patients.
  • To receive patients and assess their health needs, based on highly developed nursing knowledge and skills.
  • To perform comprehensive health assessments and initiate appropriate treatments, according to currently accepted evidence-based practice.
  • To assist in the implementation of strategies for improving the quality and provision of care for the practice population.
  • To provide expert clinical care in managing the healthcare needs of patients/clients. The NP works from an extensive, multi-faceted base, integrating clinical, research, education and leadership roles into the provision of care. The NP exercises critical, complex clinical decision-making skills and directs patient/client care to ensure continuity across the healthcare continuum.
  • The NP understands that their decisions/actions have serious implications on patient/client health outcomes if errors are made. The NP practices within the governance of their regulatory organization and acknowledges the understanding of those regulations.

Clinical Role

  • To work in conjunction with other members of the multidisciplinary team. To assist in the delivery of disease management and health promotion programs and provide appropriate care and treatment according to currently accepted evidence based practice.
  • To undertake disease management, incorporating monitoring progress, response to treatment, and promoting the preventive aspects of patient care.
  • To initiate/recommend appropriate investigations/referrals.
  • To perform comprehensive assessment, diagnosis (including the ordering and interpretation of tests), intervention (including the prescribing of medications), management, referral, and evaluation of patient/client care across the continuum of health care services.

Management Responsibilities

  • To assist in the development of policies and protocols for all clinical programs.
  • To assist in setting up health promotion programs relevant to the needs of the practice population in conjunction with community partners as necessary.
  • To assist in the development of the chronic disease program by contributing the nursing perspective to any decision making process affecting the care of patients.
  • To use innovative ways to deliver quality care within the PCN.
  • To participate in relevant research programs and explore opportunities to undertake research and to disseminate research findings appropriately.
  • To act as a resource to other practice members.
  • Explore opportunities to network with other Nurses or team members, to share ideas and provide professional support.
  • To offer training support for other team members and assist in their professional development.
  • Ensure the maintenance of accurate records in line with practice policy.
  • To provide mentorship to other clinic teams within the PCN.
  • Evaluate/participate in performance evaluations of other allied health professionals working on the team.

Professional Development

  • To be responsible for maintaining continuing competencies through ongoing professional development including participation in education programs, research and continuous quality activities.
  • To adhere to the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses and his/her employer’s directives, policies, protocols, and procedures.
  • To provide restricted activities and care within the full scope of practice as defined under the Health Professions Act (HPA).
  • To be responsible and accountable for his/her nursing practice and for ensuring that his/her registration is current, valid and entered on the NP roster under the HPA.


Nurse Practitioner, currently enrolled with CARNA extended practice roster. In accordance with the Health Professions Act the NP must clearly identify to the PCN any work restrictions to the NP’s license. CARNA places three restrictions on a NPs license to work with one of three patient populations, adult, pediatric or family-all ages. When a NP is hired to work for the PCN she/he will be hired with the knowledge of the above restrictions in population of practice. If the PCN requires a change in the population of practice the appropriate education and experience will be provided to the NP in accordance with CARNA regulations and approval.
Sound knowledge of a consultative model and resources in Capital Health

Preference given to those with at least 10 years nursing experience. Primary Care nursing experience a definite asset. The ideal candidate also will have experience in:
triaging patients and referring on accordingly;
managing and developing nursing services;
team development; and,
clinical audit.
Strong leadership skills in education.
Preventing/managing difficult family situations
Conflict management
Program evaluation
Developing and utilizing community partnerships

Knowledge And Skills
Current knowledge about strategic developments in Primary Care
Evidence of own professional development
Ability to work in a team
Ability to build a good working relationship with healthcare professionals, clients and other members of the community
Respect and understanding of confidentiality

Personal Skills And Ability
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Ability to act responsibility and accountably
Problem solving skills
Ability to work on own initiative and to prioritize workload
Enthusiasm for the post
A commitment to developing as a leader
Awareness of strengths and limitations
Ability to respect others views/opinions
Ability to develop new skills and apply theory to practice
Flexibility in approach to work
Ability to make evidence based decisions
Ability to monitor clinical standards
Use a computer
Ability to conduct literature search and navigate resources
Ability to do crisis/conflict management or resolution