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DNE Sales

About DNE Sales

DNE Sales – Your Outsourced Sales and Marketing Solution

DNE Sales is your company’s solution to reach sales targets through outsourced direct marketing. With over 40 years of combined door-to-door, call centre, and B2B sales marketing experience, DNE can help your company reach and expand its target demographics.

Outsourcing sales
 – more... is the solution for small, medium and large companies to maximize their sales objectives without having to manage and fund an internal sales force. More and more companies are realizing that taking an outsourced approach to selling their products is the most cost-efficient method of reaching higher sales targets.
Direct marketing has been proven to be the most effective of all marketing tactics. Whether it is door-to-door, telesales, or face-to-face, approaching and dealing with customers directly with the right attitude can help build brand loyalty, improve its image and ultimately open a new stream of sales. – less

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