Creative Director
Digital Howard - Toronto, ON

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Looking For A Creative Director**

Let me guess. The thought of leading the re-design of one more bank website makes you ill. When people ask you how to make something viral, you cringe. One more comment from a client like “My daughter said she likes this one better” and you may go postal. We get it.

You’re probably oozing talent and rarely get projects to work on that truly let you do the work you’re passionate about. You live and breathe design in every facet of your life and would love to put your art in front of an audience instead of corporate blowhards who just don’t get it. You’re all about the big idea and spend your waking hours thinking of how to express that idea artfully. You do what you do because you want to connect with an audience that appreciates your art.

We’re a brand new digital entertainment company and we create killer entertainment experiences for audiences who want to be wowed. We produce original multiplatform content, kick-ass digital extensions of TV shows, and digital applications meant to amaze, dazzle and most of all entertain. We don’t do corporate sites, we’re not into company politics, and we’re definitely NOT an ad agency. We’re about art and entertainment. If you’re picking up what we’re putting down, keep going.

You’re a Lead Designer/Art Director who is passionate about your art, takes pride in your work, and can’t help but challenge conventional wisdom. You’re a visionary who is willing to put your best ideas forward and stand by them. You’re able to work collaboratively while being a natural team leader. Your first priority is user experience not award submissions. You’re someone who wants to break new ground and create best-in-class experiences – for digital content, for games, and for mobile applications. You have a passion for how things look and feel and won’t stop until you get it right.

We want you to love what you’re working on and be invested in its success. We're hiring someone with the lights on, someone who can lead internal and external teams, and is constantly looking for new and improved ways to engage audiences on digital platforms. We’ll ask you to juggle multiple projects while managing internal and external design teams. Most of all, we’ll want you to dream big and figure out the best ways to pull it off. This is a full-time position with excellent pay, health and dental benefits and an unparalleled work environment.

If this is you, let us know you're out there. We'd love to talk. Please read carefully and apply in just the way we’ve described below. If this isn’t you, but this sounds just like someone you know, there's a $500.00 CDN bounty if you refer the person we hire. Have them mention your name and contact info in the application.

Application Deadline: 12 pm, April 5, 2013

How Do I Apply?

This position is critical to the success of our new company. If the application process is too onerous for you, you’re not meant for this position. We’re looking for someone with an attitude that matches our own, with a very particular skill set, and a set of goals for what they want to achieve. If you become part of our team, you will be given a great deal of independence and very little oversight. We want someone who seeks to exceed what’s expected and blow people away.

After reviewing the questions below, put together your best effort in a four page PDF document and email it.

That's the only way to apply--please respect the boundary! Deadline for applications is noon on April 5, 2013. One application per person, get it right the first time!


Questions you might answer

These are some suggested topics you might put into your four-pager – you don’t have to answer them all, but this will help us understand who you are and what you’re all about:

  • We’d love to see your portfolio – be selective! Use bullets to explain what you like about the work
  • Show us three websites you think are both effective and beautiful. What would you do to make them even better?
  • Find a weak example of UI on the web and fix it into something great
  • Find a classic brand and design the 2013 version of their logo
  • In 3 bullets, tell us what you’d do if you had to reach 10,000 twitter followers by the end of the week
  • Point to a blog post that changed the way you think about your work
  • How would you improve this job description?
  • In four bullet points, tell us how you pulled off a project that didn’t have enough money or enough time?
  • Tell us about yourself. What’s your favorite TV show? What type of music do you like?
  • What inspires you? Who inspires you?
  • Where do you work now? What's great about it?
  • What do you make or do in your spare time that informs your work
  • And be sure to share your salary needs as well

**With thanks to Seth Godin for the inspiration