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Plum is Moneyball for Hiring!
We reveal the greatness in people to help your company succeed. Plum’s People Statement™ helps you evaluate all job applicants and internal team members to determine their potential to be successful in any role or team in your company, and successful people generate results.

Plum’s cloud based hiring
 – more... solution assesses each job applicant’s problem solving ability and personality priorities, the main predictors of job performance, quickly identifying those candidates with the right fit. We test everyone; before any resumes are read, before you decide who to interview and it can’t be gamed by a candidate.

The results are then presented in our dashboard revealing the total applicant picture for easy comparison, allowing you to match your unique hiring needs with the top candidates.

Discover why 55+ companies swear by their Plum results. We make sure that you hire the right people. – less Employer Reviews Photos