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Job Work/Life Balance
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Job Culture
Terrible.... Just dreadful management
Heavy Duty Santitation (Current Employee), Brantford, ONMarch 8, 2015
Pros: Straight Shifts, Overtime
Cons: Management, Pay, Short Hours, Noise
I have been inside the Ferrero Plant in Brantford with CCS for a little while now. From the beginning I could tell it would be a bit of a mess but I had no idea the level of incompetency that I would find myself in. The afternoon shift is the only shift with a solid grip on reality because they are the only shift with common sense. But common sense from 1/3 of the management does not bode well for a conducive environment.

The Site Manager has a crippling case of sitting supervisor syndrome meaning: his shift has little to no supervision when he is in. This sounds great right? No, the lack of supervision is crippling the shift that comes in after his is gone. That leaves copious amounts of garbage and waste piled up for the waste and recycle employees which at times cuts into the other people's jobs because there will be so much that we have to pull people onto waste and recycle just to catch up.

The Accounts Manager is there three times a week to take a look at things and discuss the needs of the employees. That's sounds great right? No, it's not great when you need to talk about a specific issue and the manager meets that issue with condescension. Especially when it comes to issues brought up by women.

I haven't felt comfortable enough to discuss anything semi-serious about my employment with anyone of a higher pay grade.

Example. I was hired and I gave my address for my pay stub to be mailed to my home. Some glitch in the mail prohibited it from reaching me. So I called the St. Catherines head office and gave them the same address I had before (I only have – more... one after all) and so the next week I got my pay stub. Then that same glitch happened and I got caught up in a email conversation that claimed I had been giving them the wrong address. I got my pay stub the week before in the mail. But somehow I had given them the wrong address. They asked me to call Canada Post to comfirm my address (it sounded just a stupid when they asked me as it does now). So I called and Canada Post literally laughed at what my employer was making me do, my address was correct. So I told CCS and they told me they were no longer going to keep sending my pay stub by the mail and the Accounts Manager was no longer going to keep bringing my pay stub in. The entire thing was infuriating the stubbornness of the clerk in St. Catherines could only be that of a woman trying to pass the blame onto anyone but herself. So I went a few weeks without a pay stub until the Accounts Manager asked me to call Canada Post again at which point I said curtly "I already did, It's not my address that is the problem, so whoever is trying to figure this out, needs to figure it out, because I'm tired of this." And magically it all fell into place. It does not need to be this hard. People just don't care.

You will never get a raise in pay unless you get lead hand or supervisor. You get no benefits. You don't even get time and a half for Saturdays until you get 44 hours and seeing as your maximum day is 7.5 you won't get much time and a half at all. There is overtime but you will never get double time, even on Sundays.

The work isn't bad, the environment surrounding it is terrible. Morale is low, the ceiling for growth is about as tall as you are when you start and it's a place that you should avoid. Unless you just don't care, then knock yourself out. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Cleaner (Former Employee), Guelph, ONOctober 19, 2013
I learned a lot about cleaning. My co-workers we've very helpful just awesome people to work with
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
Custodial place
CUSTODIAN (Former Employee), St. Catharines, ONJuly 3, 2013
Pros: steady hours
Cons: no free lunch
Work your hours, clean the place where you work and go home. Supervisor maybe shows up once a week so don't have to worry about the. Overall if your in need of a place to work and willing to work as a custodian then this place is for you.

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