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Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
poor treatment, horrible bosses
shop minion (Former Employee), BarrieJanuary 4, 2014
Pros: nice staff doing installation and shop
Cons: no job security, bad management, bad treatment, uncomfortable environment, low wages, no benefits, long hours, degredation.
What did I learn here? That if you are under middle age (50 ish) you are below par and not deserving of any respect. This place is a revolving door with no security, no benefits, very low wages with very high expectations. You get treated like a moron or at best a child and reprimanded when anything goes wrong or even when it doesn't! The management is a joke. Only one person of the 3 ( yes this place is a lot smaller then they lead their clients to believe) has any sense of decency and unfortunately he isn't the one in control. Real talent is overlooked here and any sort of extra effort or drive to succeed is frowned upon. Blame is placed on everybody who works here so that the "management" can have a clear conscience regarding their issues. The only time you will ever get a raise is if you try to quit.. and considering they cannot keep any employees certain people do get raises under dire circumstances. Flat out this place is degrading. It is full of lies and disrespect. The " GM" allows for abuse and mistreatment and is a person who dishes it out regularly herself but is too entitled to see how she effects people with her quips. This place is going downhill. The young people that management loathes and disrespects and makes feel inferior.. are the only reason this place is afloat. When they are all gone... so will be closet's By Design. If you want to keep any sense of self respect or dignity do not work here. You will get paid nothing, blamed for everything and made to feel like you aren't capable of the most simple tasks. On top of all that you wont make enough to feed – more... your family. BUT if you join a temp agency and get hired here you will! Its only permanent staff that are cheated out of everything. – less
Job Work/Life Balance
Job Security/Advancement
Job Culture
harsh working conditions with no room to grow
Lead Installer (Current Employee), Barrie, ONMarch 14, 2013
Pros: really nice employees
Cons: long hours, lots of designer/administration mistakes
A typical day at work is loading the van, driving (usually an hour or more) to site, collecting payment first (which angers most customers), then start installing the unit(s). Run into designer miscalculations and design flaws, stop, assess, fix and continue with install. This company has nothing to offer as far as learning and has zero room for advancement. The most enjoyable part of the day is leaving to go home.

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