Part Time Customer Service Representative
City Centre Park - Victoria, BC

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JOB TITLE: Customer Service Representatives
LOCATION: City Centre Park located at 1089 Langford parkway
REPORTS TO: Facility Manager, Kristin St. Cyr
HOURS: Typically weekends


The Junior Customer Service Representatives are responsible for greeting and signing in customers for the Westshore Family Fun Park (Playzone) department. Employees are responsible for a variety of tasks such as, greeting customers upon their arrival, ensuring all pertinent info are filled out on our Waiver forms for those customers who will be participating on our PlayZone structure, as well as administering wristbands to the children and their Guardians accordingly. There are many different positions that each Employee are responsible for and advance at different levels, starting from slides person, door person, party hostess/host, cash person, as well as a Concession/kitchen person. The Employees may be expected to help out in other departments and facilities such as the Westhills Ice Arena, Westhills Splash Park (Seasonal) and Outdoor Rink (Seasonal, as well as the Eagle Ridge Community Centre Concession. Each Employee is responsible in the upkeep of the Playzone Facility, plus ensuring the cleanliness, and providing great customer service to our customers.


  • Customer Service: Every individual position in the Playzone facility deals with a large aspect of customer service as majority of the work involves dealing and interacting with customers ranging from children to adults and other Employees as well. Greeting customers that enter Playzone who wish to purchase admission into the facility, hosting parties and interacting with children and helping parents, interacting with patrons who enter and exit our facility, interacting with customers who order food and beverages, as well as being informative to addressing customers inquiries or directing them to Eagle Ridge Community Centre Reception for more information and bookings for parties held at Playzone etc.
  • Ensuring that all children and their respective Guardian have signed all info pertaining to the Waiver prior to their entrance.
  • Ensuring that each child receives a bracelet according to the numeric system of our Waiver and that each child’s number is written clearly on their respective Guardian
  • The Employee for Playzone Front Desk ensures they provide a courteous and inviting greeting to our customers as they are the first staff of City Centre Park they see.
  • All Employees must ensure that the rules are being followed; no outside food, no drop in parties, socks must be worn in the play structure, no climbing up slides, no rough housing, no bullying etc in an acceptable fashion and must ensure they handle the situation and approach or treat the customer or child with care and respect. Must have polite and well mannered communication skills when dealing with customer service.
  • The Playzone Front Desk staff is responsible for cash handling, signing in guests for PlayZone and the outdoor Mini Golf, plus, taking and delivering food orders, organizing and signing in guests for each party booking of the respective day, as well as filling out the Communications Binder/ Daily Maintenance Binder that consists of a check list for the daily duties and tasks.
  • Communication Binder/ Daily Maintenance Binder: This binder consists of a variety of tasks that each staff member completes and initials daily and some may share the tasks. These tasks are important to upkeep the cleanliness of the facility.

o During the day: Cleaning the play structure with green eco cleaner/spray: (including floor decks, foam rollers, foam trees, climbing activities, blue slides, and both red and yellow tube slides.
o At opening – inspecting all bathrooms, mini golf course, and play equipment (s) including Balladium room and Toddler Area for cleanliness and safety. Ensuring to advise any supervisors/managers on site in regards to any hazards that are found.
o At opening – cleaning the entrance outside including sweeping, scraping gum, and emptying garbage.
o Inspecting the structure and equipment for any sharp edges while wiping it down.
o Throughout the day: wiping down tables, cubbies, couches, balladium guns, and the toddler equipment
o Cleaning the insides and outsides of the fridges and coolers – check numerous times a day
o Wiping the inside and outside of the merry go round, photo booth, doll house, and tot tree.
o Bathroom checks every 2 hours (9am, 11am, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm, and 9pm). There are bathroom logs that are to be initialed after every check and clean and are located on the backs of each door. (Men’s, Women’s, and Family Washroom)
o At closing: Vacuuming carpets (including balladium – please remove furniture around to access underneath), mop tiled floors (eating are and bathrooms), ensure bathrooms are left clean for the next day, wipe down all tables with all purpose green spray (finish off with Windex at end of night), take out all cardboard, garbage and recycling (wipe down can lids), wipe all door handles and fence railings with all purpose green spray, perform thorough clean on all bathrooms – including scrubbing of urinals, toilets, and sinks.
o At closing: Check the recycling bottles bin and empty if needed, empty golf ball tray on last hole (#18) at end of night, as well as, clean the water fountain and drain mat at end of night.
o At closing: Turn off all lights, balladium, and lock the side arena doors, ensure the party room is locked, and the Playzone entrance doors are locked. Take the float and deposit, plus the coffee carafes to Eagle Ridge Community Centre Reception and give your float
to staff who are able to access safe and place float and deposit away for the night. Empty and clean out the coffee carafes in the sinks of the Eagle Ridge Community Centre Concession.
o Other activities: After birthdays for the day are complete – clean carts, leave party room door clean, swept, mopped, and locked. Wash all mirrors, the inside of all windows within reach, window sills, and front and side entrance glass doors in the Westshore Family Fun Park Playzone Facility. Sweep under, around and behind the structure and slides, including wiping down the black piping underneath the structure, and the exterior of slides and window sills. This task is to be done 2 to 3 times a week to upkeep the cleanliness of the facility.
o Other activities: Clean inside and outside of fridges, Windex any glass; rotate stock and supplies, as well as Windex balladium goggles. Check toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, and sanitizers and replace if needed. Vacuum/sweep the mini golf course if there are no customers inside Playzone – including picking up any garbage and noting any maintenance. Please use the daily maintenance binder for writing down any notes and always ensure to advise managers and supervisors of anything that is needed attention.


  • Standard Level 1 First Aid
  • Criminal Record Check


  • Team player – Works well with others to complete the day’s tasks and ensures all runs smoothly. Each employee helps out where needed during busy times and events.
  • Customer service focus – All positions deal with some sort of interactions with customers. All staff provides a courteous and well mannered customer experience and will go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Positive attitude – Each Employee takes pride in their work as well as having a positive attitude when dealing with customers and other staff members.
  • Attention to detail – Each employee pays attention to the detail on party paperwork for bookings and parties to ensure all runs smoothly for each booking. They also ensure to write down concession orders and who they would be delivering food service to, as well as paying attention to the detail filled out on the Waiver by customers,

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