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At Charming Charlie, we believe life should be colorful. We’re dedicated to helping find your one-of-a-kind style. After all—you’re a true original! From cool and creative to classic and refined, our jewelry, handbags and accessories are made to personalize your entire look. We’re your one-stop source for jewelry, accessories, handbags, apparel, special occasion sparkle, eyewear, home and gifts, scarves, watches, tech, travel, shoes and more!

We’re famous for our attention to color. We go the extra mile to help you find the hue for you. Whether you see the world through rose-colored glasses (literally!) or want to make a red-hot impression, our color tables and online offerings let you paint the town whatever shade you choose.

Our philosophy? Accessories have the power to transform your look and your outlook! It’s why we’re constantly adding new styles to our collections. Visit one of our hundreds of stores or shop us 24/7 at www.charmingcharlie.com and we think you'll love what you see!

Life at Charming Charlie

It’s time for a colorful career! At Charming Charlie, we find joy in the little things. We believe the perfect ACCESSORY has the power to make you feel great about yourself and a bright pop of COLOR can absolutely transform you. We’re a place where you can celebrate your own STYLE, find that perfect piece you’ve been looking for and discover IRRESISTIBLE new treasures! We design our chic accessory and lifestyle collections to give you the best QUALITY and VALUE so you can shop to your heart’s content. And we’ll always have just the right pieces to help you look your best for big days and every-days. With hundreds of stores in the United States, Canada, Philippines, and Arabia stocked full of the all latest trends, Charming Charlie is on a mission to become the global leader in fashion jewelry and accessories. Our teams go the extra mile to find the perfect hue for you. Join us on this exciting journey and work for the most colorful store in the world!

Our Stores

We're charmed to meet you! Our team is on a mission to make women happy and inspire them to lead more colorful, confident lives. COLORFUL is the fun spirit we embrace in the everyday, from our product palette to our playful stores. CONFIDENT is always having pieces with great quality and value that make her look and feel her best at any moment.

We're crazy for color. We live for sparkle. We thrive on making a statement. Why? Because we know accessories have the power to transform both your outfit and your outlook. When it comes to accessories, we believe if it feels good, do it, and if it looks good, do it in every color it comes in.

We are looking for authentic, passionate people that are committed to join us for this incredible journey as we build our brand. Check out our openings and be on your way to discovering a colorful career.

Customer Support Center

Our Customer Support Center is in Houston, TX with our marketing office in Los Angeles, CA. Our very first store opened in 2004 and it has evolved to become our home office. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and thrive in a dynamic work environment, we’d love to hear from you. We are creating a culture of agility with a start up mentality.

Our Core Values:

Results Oriented

Our vision is to become the #1 fashion jewelry and accessories brand in the world. We believe in going the extra mile and having some fun along the way! Check out our openings and be on your way to discovering a colorful career.

Meet Charlie

Charlie Chanaratsopon : On a Winner’s Mindset
Source: Huffington Post
Written by: Renata M. Black- Founder, Empowered by You

How has coming from an immigrant family and the tenacity that you’ve had to endure as a child been parlayed into your business?

I’m a first generation citizen in the US, coming from Thailand. In 1984, my parents started their own business here from the ground up and worked tirelessly every day. I remember seeing their passion, drive and commitment as a great example for me to follow. I think of that often. I believe this is an amazing country that gives opportunities to those that pursue their dreams. I’m grateful to have been born in the United States. Otherwise, I don’t think I would have had the same opportunities today.

How do you see yourself staying ahead of the curve, connecting with your large-ranging audience and advancing with the future of retail?

In 2016, we have to stay ahead and run beside the customer. Shopping and consumer trends have evolved so fast and so much that we can’t win just following the customer. We’re either moving forward or we’re moving backward. That’s the nature of the game these days. A summary of all touch points and interactions our customers have with our brand is what defines it. Today, on average, 50 percent of our customers use mobile phones while they’re in a Charming Charlie store. That’s a significant change from five years ago. We believe the mobile experience is part of the entire customer service experience. It’s another way of interacting and being a part of her day-to-day life. Are we there yet? No, though we’re working toward this and investing to make sure we do it and do it well.

Do you see yourself as a lifestyle brand?

A lifestyle brand means different things to different people. What are we? We aim, as a brand, to make women happier, more self-confident, and try to add a lot of color to their already colorful lives. We are the most colorful fashion jewelry and accessories brand in the world with the most selection by multiples. Our customers often describe us as the candy store for women, and we love that.

You have so many different female customers providing feedback. A woman from Dallas is going to be totally different from a woman in New York. What is it that you want to learn from her or know about her?

We want to give her what she wants. It’s a never-ending journey learning about our customers. Consumer preferences and profiles evolve quickly. In 2007, iPhones and iPads didn’t exist, so that’s completely changed the backdrop of how people shop and experience brands. The amount of information available to us about our customers has grown exponentially. We look at everything from conversations happening on social media channels to focus groups to shopalongs and customer surveys. We take the summary of all our insights, which helps us reinforce our brand strategy. I think now more than ever agility is an important attribute for brand success. For example, we know that artisan and boho-chic is a more sought after product on the west coast than in the south. The south prefers bold, statement aesthetic compared to the rest of the country. We have multiple ranges of product aesthetics in the stores for every woman. The quantities and varieties are tailored to the specific preferences of the region.

Some of our biggest breakthroughs come from our biggest breakdowns. Have you experienced a breakdown moment in your life as an entrepreneur that eventually ended up being a big breakthrough?

In December 2006, we had three locations, which we merchandised similar to small department stores, not by color. Our stores didn’t have their own DNA at the time. I remember watching this customer shop and she said, “You know what, this would be a lot easier if you put all this jewelry together by color, by table!” I said, “Well, why?” and she said, simply, “Well, don’t you see that it’s easier to shop that way?” Since we only had three stores, we could do things quickly, so we pulled the products and built a color table. We noticed that customers started liking it at the test store, so we brought the color concept to two other locations. As customers responded to it even more, we converted all our stores to merchandise by color. So if you asked 99 out of 100 of our customers, they would tell you we’re the store that has everything laid out by color. That’s our equity, that’s our DNA.

At the intersection of tenacity and passion is Charlie. His colorful path has created unparalleled synergy that doesn’t just show, but rather gleams! This story is a testament to how simply listening to your consumer can create an entire innovative business model. Charlie is a quintessential Paradigm Shifter whose minor shift in mind and in product assortment has had a transformative impact.

See full article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/renata-m-black/charlie-chanaratsopon--on_b_9355498.html



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At Charming Charlie, we believe life should be colorful. We’re dedicated to helping find your one-of-a-kind style. After all—you’re a true original! From cool and creative to classic and refined, our jewelry, handbags and accessories are made to personalize your entire look. We’re your one-stop source for jewelry, accessories, handbags, apparel, special – more... 

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