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Boys and Girls Club of LaSalle - Lasalle, QC

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About the Organization

Founded in 1979, the Boys and Girls Club of LaSalle is a non-profit community organization serving children and youth. We offer a variety of social, recreational and educational programs, which by their nature assist in raising the level of self-esteem, personal and community involvement in our children. We are committed to creating better lives and ensuring a brighter future for tomorrow’s leaders. As a member of Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, we believe that “Every Child Has Potential”. Feel free to visit our website for more information: www.bgclsalle.com.

We are seeking five Wraparound case workers for the LaSalle-Wrap Project.

About the Wraparound process

Wraparound is a process that helps “complex needs” youth/families put together a team of people who will help them meet goals that they choose. This team is made up of people that the youth/family chooses and may include family, friends, relatives, neighbors, and professionals (i.e. teachers, social worker, and probation). This team is intended to support them beyond the involvement of the Wraparound project.

There are four phases in the Wraparound Process:

Phase One: Engagement and Team Preparation
During this phase, the groundwork for trust and shared vision among the youth/family and Wraparound team members is established, so people are prepared to come to meetings and collaborate. This phase, particularly through the initial conversations about strengths, needs, culture, and vision, sets the tone for teamwork and team interactions that are consistent with the wraparound principles. The activities of this phase should be completed relatively quickly (within 2-4 weeks if possible), so that the team can begin meeting and establish ownership of the process as quickly as possible.

Phase Two: Initial Plan Development
During this phase, team trust and mutual respect are built while creating an initial plan of care using a high quality planning process that reflects the wraparound principles. In particular, youth and family should feel, during this phase, that they are heard, that the needs chosen are ones they want to work on, and that the options chosen have a reasonable chance of helping them meet these needs. This phase should be completed during one or two meetings that take place within 1-2 weeks; a rapid time frame intended to promote team cohesion and shared responsibility toward achieving the team’s mission or overarching goal.

Phase Three: Implementation
During this phase, the initial Wraparound plan is implemented, progress and successes are continually reviewed, and changes are made to the plan and then implemented, all while maintaining or building team cohesiveness and mutual respect. The activities of this phase are repeated until the team’s mission is achieved and formal Wraparound is no longer needed.

Phase Four: Transition
During this phase, plans are made for a purposeful transition out of formal Wraparound to a mix of formal and natural supports in the community (and, if appropriate, to services and supports in the adult system). The focus on transition is continual during the Wraparound process, and the preparation for transition is apparent even during the initial engagement activities.

About the Wraparound Case Worker Position

The Wraparound Case Worker will assist 12-24 year old youth who are considered at risk of group criminal activity (and who are referred through social services or schools) in planning and reaching their goals. The Case Worker will coordinate the implementation and delivery of services for youth, and also accompany and track their progress towards their goals. One Case Worker will work with approximately 10 youth per year and meet with each youth at least once per week. They will be responsible for the majority of the activities surrounding youth case management and family support. Youth workers will work with youth using a Wraparound approach to build relationships with the youth and their families, navigate systems and connect with services including employment, addictions, cultural and community programs and schools. Services will be provided almost exclusively in the community of LaSalle: in families’ homes, schools, leisure and sports activities, social programs, health services, etc. The primary role of the Case Worker is to ensure that all parties are working together toward stability for the youth and their family. Responsibilities include direct services to youth and families including clinical and care coordinating/linkage functions, maintaining case records and progress notes, and working as a part of a multidisciplinary team. The position requires flexibility to work evenings and weekends.

All activities included in the project will adhere to the following principles:

  • Each worker will align to the core values, beliefs, policies and guidelines of the Boys and Girls Club of LaSalle.
  • All work with project participants and their families will be relationship-based, with trust, safety and respect of the utmost importance.
  • All activities and interactions will be intentional and of value to achieve the goals in the youth’s individual plan.
  • A collaborative process will guide practices, decision-making and the development, implementation and evaluation of individual plans.
  • Individualized support plans are developed with the full involvement of youth, family and other significant stakeholders.
  • Services and interventions will be culturally sensitive.
  • Services and interventions will be trauma-informed.
  • Access to services and interventions will be timely.
  • A strength-based approach will be used with the youth to ensure capabilities, knowledge, skills and strengths of youth, family and community are used to develop and implement plans.



  • Build trust and relationships with youth and their families.
  • Identify the strengths, needs, and resources of the youth, their families, and the community.
  • Based on the strengths and resources of the youth, their families, and the community, facilitate the development and implementation of individualized Wraparound Plans and Crisis Plans. Individual and family perspectives will be intentionally elicited and prioritized through all phases of intervention. All plans should be based on full involvement of the youth and their families.
  • Develop Youth and Family teams for the purpose of treatment planning and support.
  • Addressing identity or cultural issues, when needed.
  • Assist in conflict resolution and mediation (ex. between youth-parent, youth-school, parent-school, parent-social worker, etc.).
  • Link families with existing community services based on their needs and preferences, help them navigate the system of resources available to them and advocate for the youth within this system.
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with community members and providers.
  • Promote the youth’s participation in pro-social activities.
  • Coordinate, integrate, and implement overall treatment and services for participants.
  • Participate in individual and/or group supervision.
  • Meet with youth, families, and caregivers on a regular basis to further treatment goals.
  • Support caregivers in identifying, creating and working with resources to sustain tasks and goal set by the Youth and Family Team.
  • Provide assistance in case planning and consultation to team members on clinical issues, as well as casework issues, as appropriate.
  • Intervene with the clients’ behavior management programs as needed.
  • Modify the composition of the Youth and Family Team and the content of the Wraparound and Crisis Plans as needed based on the changing needs of the family.
  • Participate in crisis response system.


  • Following training, assist evaluators of the project in presenting the research to youth and their families.
  • Chart progress notes, treatment plans, outcome measures, incident reports, and other documentation accurately, consistently, and in a timely manner; this includes assessment, case planning and case management.
  • Report issues as they arise to their coordinator and check in either verbally or in person regularly.
  • Maintain confidentiality of participant and project information.
  • Keep detailed records (including receipts) of all expenses related to the project.


  • Maintain professional behavior at all times, appropriately representing the Wraparound project and the Boys and Girls Club of LaSalle.
  • Maintain good relationships with all partners in the community.
  • Work independently as well as consult with treatment team on the most appropriate and culturally sensitive delivery of services.
  • Participate in knowledge sharing: present best practices and/or lessons learned to different audiences.
  • Participate in all team meetings
  • Attend all required trainings.
  • Perform all other duties necessary.


REQUIRED (you will not be considered for the position if you do not meet the following)

  • Minimum 3 years of experience working with high risk youth from multi-cultural backgrounds and their families
  • Bilingual English and French.
  • Ability to work as part of a multidisciplinary team.
  • Experience in conflict resolution.
  • Knowledge and experience in cross cultural communication and service methods appropriate to clients from different backgrounds.
  • Able to engage and motivate youth and work with their self-identified needs through strength-based goal setting in a non-judgmental manner
  • Provide support to and communicate effectively with stakeholders and other professionals involved with youth, including parents or guardians.
  • Emotional control, diplomacy and tact.
  • Strong listening skills, relationship building, assessment and counseling skills.
  • Must be self-directed, flexible, team orientated and able to follow direction.
  • Ability to document interventions.
  • Computer Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe PDF.

DESIRED (these will be considered assets)

  • Degree in Social Work/Psychology/Counseling/Sexology/Criminology/Psycho-education/Conflict resolution.
  • Additional languages.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Knowledge and experience working with youth with mental health issues.
  • Strong knowledge of community resources for youth.
  • Experience with data collection.
  • Ability to respond to crisis situations.

Conditions of Employment

  • The LaSalle-Wrap Case Workers will be based out of the Boys and Girls Club of LaSalle.
  • This is an outreach position where the Case Worker will be required to be in the community assisting the youth, meeting with community partners and other youth serving agencies.
  • Flexible schedule: There may be times where the Case Workers will have to work evenings and weekends to best meet the needs of the youth.
  • Full time contract position for a maximum period of four years.
  • Salary according to experience, annual pay increase of 2.5%
  • Compensation for public transport.
  • Professional development training and coaching.
  • Start date: June 2nd 2014.

How to Apply

Submit a cover letter AND resume in one PDF document (Please name the file LASTNAME_Firstname_Caseworker.pdf) by email (through Indeed) by May 2nd, 2014 addressed to:

Véronique Kéna-Cohen, Project Coordinator

Boys and Girls Club of LaSalle, 8600 Hardy St., LaSalle, H8N 2P5
Phone: (514) 364-4661, Fax: (514) 364-4907

We thank you in advance for your interest however only successful candidates will be contacted.

About this company
Founded in 1979, the Boys and Girls Club of LaSalle is a non-profit community organization serving children and youth. We offer a variety...