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Alberta Association of Municipal Districs & Counties (AAMDC) - Nisku, AB

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The Association

The Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties is a not-for-profit association jointly owned by all 69 rural municipalities in the province of Alberta. Its members, 65 counties and municipal districts plus four specialized municipalities, are responsible for the municipal governance and municipal service provision of ninety-five per cent of the province’s land mass and just under twenty per cent of the province’s population. In addition to all the rural municipalities of Alberta, the association has a vast number (over 2,000) of associate members that include urban municipalities, school districts, seniors housing foundations, community service groups, and numerous other non-profit organizations that access association business services including group purchasing, aggregated petroleum purchasing, and insurance. The Mission of the AAMDC is to assist rural municipalities in achieving strong and effective local government. The association has several goals to meet this mandate:
 Advocacy - to represent or be an advocate/voice for both municipal and rural issues in the province of Alberta to the provincial government, the federal government, rural service providers (e.g. electric and gas utilities, telecommunications companies, railway companies, etc.), the resource industry (e.g. oil and gas, forestry, aggregate mining, etc.), and the general public. With respect to its advocacy goal, the association has the respect of the provincial government and is often consulted directly for positions and recommendations as well as sitting on more than a dozen provincial committees. Its advocacy style is partnership and dialogue based. On the federal side, the AAMDC has a permanent seat on the board of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities with the AAMDC president chairing the national Rural Forum.

 Information provision - to research and keep the membership informed and educated on municipal and rural issues and trends. The association identifies timely topics and conducts thorough research to inform our members. Member bulletins are published weekly via our Contact Newsletter and conventions and regional zone meetings are used communicate our findings. The association hosts two conventions a year focusing on both municipal & rural issues and occasionally branches off and does specialized rural focused events as well.

 Aggregated Business Services - to provide business services to the members and associate members where collective action provides additional benefit. The association does this by selling insurance to municipalities, school boards, and other local government and non-profit entities via a large non-profit self/reciprocal based insurance program, as well as collective group purchasing of umbrella or additional coverage insurance. This is done via the AAMDC’s wholly owned subsidiary, Jubilee Insurance Agency Ltd. The Jubilee Insurance program is the largest municipal insurance program in Alberta with $22 million in annual premiums. The Jubilee program client base includes 67 core rural municipalities, 54 urban municipalities, 1400 additionally named insureds, and 450 community groups/housing foundations. Internally the Jubilee program provides risk management, customer service and underwriting on specified policies. Jubilee Insurance contracts a third party for brokerage services, outside insurance marketing and renewal services, and appraisal services.

The association also operates a Trade Division to secure goods, advisory services, and petroleum for its members (regular and associate) at the best possible price. The petroleum purchasing division is operated through another wholly owned subsidiary of the AAMDC, PFA (formerly Prairie Fuel Advisors). The petroleum purchasing division is unique within the AAMDC in that it operates in Saskatchewan and Manitoba and in BC shortly via a strategic alliance/partnership with the municipal associations in those provinces as well as operating in Alberta. The Association's sales for these business services are $127 million of which $43 million is in group goods purchasing, $60 million is in aggregated petroleum purchasing, and $24 million is in insurance premiums.

The Association office is located in Nisku, Alberta near Edmonton and the Edmonton International Airport.


Reports to: Director of Aggregated Business Services
The Manager of Insurance is a member of the Aggregated Business Services management team and is responsible for the management and implementation of the Jubilee Insurance Agencies Limited (JIAL) operations plans. This includes the management of the JIAL brokered products, achieving marketing and growth goals, implementing the JIAL risk management program (sessions, and planning), large account strategy, and promoting and maintaining the highest level of service for our customer base. Additionally, this position will participate in the management, strategic planning and operation of the Genesis Reciprocal Insurance Exchange (GRIE) and Jubilee Reciprocal Insurance Exchange (JRIE). The Manager of Insurance provides functional support to the Jubilee Insurance Agency (JIAL) Board of Directors, as well as providing education and support to the GRIE/JRIE Advisory Boards. This position directly supervises five staff and is tasked with creating a collaborative and efficient culture. This position will work collaboratively with the JIAL’s internal Manager of Claims to achieve risk and cost control goals for both reciprocals.


Key responsibilities:
-Manage and administer the insurance programs, staff, and resources of Jubilee Insurance Agencies Limited (JIAL).
-Assist in setting and implementing JIAL’s strategic goals.
-Manage third party service provider contracts.
-Act as the principal contact and point person for the large account strategy, which tailors service to largest members within the Jubilee program.
-Develop and Implement marketing and growth strategies for JIAL.
-Act as the principal insurance advisor to the Jubilee Insurance Agencies Board and Committees of the Board on various areas including administration, policies, strategies, and promotions related to the insurance program.
-Prepare and administer the insurance budget forecasts and objectives, develop funding mechanisms, and co-ordinate the establishment of premium rates.
-Participate in the marketing of excess and outside placements.
-Supervise the implementation of Insurance software updates.
-Review and approve billings, maintain the audit trail for all Jubilee accounting matters, and make financial presentations to the Board.
-Analyze risk management and insurance trends. Direct risk management activities.
-Act as the Designated Representative for the Jubilee Insurance Agency for licensing purposes with the Alberta Insurance Council.
-Participate in negotiation of contractual agreements and fees.
-Keep abreast of, and make recommendations regarding insurance industry legislation and regulation, ensuring the Agency programs comply with all relevant laws and regulations.
-Recruit, hire, train, motivate, and evaluate personnel.


The ideal candidate will have:
 Recognized Canadian accredited insurance designation. (I.e. CIP, FCIP, CAIB, CRM).
 Minimum 5 years Insurance agency and/or managerial experience.
 Level II Alberta General Insurance Agent License.
 Local government and/or non-profit experience.


Leadership - A leader, motivator, and team player. Reassures and encourages others. Has presence, energy, and genuine passion. Is able to influence others to a desired outcome and demonstrates how a course of action is effectively related to customer interests.

Customer-Oriented - Understands the value of the customer to the business. Encourages and supports subordinates to add value to the customer. Searches for alternative solutions to help satisfy customer needs. Relates to customers in a positive, friendly manner.

Communication - An active listener. Possesses well-developed presentation skills and has the ability to articulate thoughts and ideas. Possesses well-developed written communication skills. Strives for effective communication with team members.

Strategic Business Sense – Sees the big picture. Actively researches current competitive developments in the insurance industry. Understands the strategies of key competitors and other stakeholders and formulates proactive strategies to gain competitive and profitable advantages.

Analytical - Has the capacity for thinking analytically and evaluating complex business and accounting issues. Conveys information in a way that it is understood and is relevant.

Management Skills - Demonstrates a style that actively promotes involvement with staff with an emphasis on motivation and encouragement of people, teams, and activities.

Financial Management - Leads with a strong sense of service in all budgeting, accounting matters, and management reporting.

Personal Management Skills - Demonstrates self-confidence and interpersonal flexibility, perseverance, and integrity. Has strong decision making skills. Extremely well organized with effective time management skills. Is quick to learn and adapt to new challenges/situations. Has a positive attitude. Is highly ethical, both professionally and personally.

Results Oriented - Recognizes that progress must be shown and be measurable and can quickly analyze problems to reach a conclusion. Expects the highest quality performance from self.

Politically Astute - Able to lead and motivate various constituencies. Knows and understands legislative and regulatory processes. Interacts with diplomacy and tact.


This position offers a competitive salary, comprehensive benefit package, and relocation assistance that will be discussed in a personal interview.e

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