Analog/Mixed-Signal Semiconductor Design Engineer and/or Manager
A New Semiconductor Design Services Company + R&D - Toronto, ON

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Initial work is approximately a 6-month contract beginning late April (2014) to help integrate an analog/mixed-signal chip in Cadence for a tier 1 semiconductor company. You'll be learning from an expert engineer and instructed step-by-step what needs to be done to complete the task. You need to be very familiar (~ 5+ years experience) and extremely comfortable with Cadence Virtuoso IC 6.1 in layout tasks. You need to also be extremely comfortable running all physical verification checks on a database, such as DRC, LVS, ERC, ANT, etc., and with using Mentor's Calibre tools. This contract, however, is not a layout contract. You'll need to be very familiar with working in a unix environment and able to read and create text manipulation scripts in csh and perl. Knowing how to program in Skill, is a plus. You will be interfacing with the customer's P&R engineer who will deliver an Open Access (Cadence) database to you for assembly, and final Tape-Out. You will be responsible for importing memory IPs, analog block IPs, running physical verification and following a detailed example of a previous chip. This is a derivative part, so you'll have a close example to follow. You should be a very organized and you must be a detail oriented design engineer who can communicate effectively and clearly. A logical thinker. MASc degree is preferred with 5+ years semiconductor design and layout experience. BASc design engineer will be considered IF you have done actual analog or digital circuit design work for 5+ years and have performed full-chip integration work on multiple tape-outs. This first contract will pay approximately $70/hr, or more, depending on how much or how little day-to-day guidance is required in this task. There is likely more work available immediately after this contract. If you have experience assembling and managing a design team, and have an entrepreneurial spirit, the pay rate will be much higher and the possibility to build a new team and new business in Toronto exists. The real end goal is to build a team and a solid revenue base from which to fuel R&D work in related and exciting technologies.