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5spot.a - Victoria, BC

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Hey let me first say handing out resumes really sucks! Especially when you don't get a call back. Let me ask you how would you like to work when you want, whenever you want and actually make money if your consistent. Anyone can do this from a kid wanting to make a couple hundred a month to a person wanting to make an extra 2 3 thousand a month!
This is why I'm offering for all you unemployed people out there an opportunity called it's an online micro job website you may wonder what that is well let me ask again what would you do for 5$ I know it's a little amount but think ill show you how to change a tire for ex for 5$ and let's say couple thousand people are searching that up on the web they stumble apon you and next thin you know because it's cheap there gunna pay for it and you have insane money in your pocket.
It can be as simple as referring friends to look at a Buisness persons page for 10$ or teaching how to get burning workouts that work for 5$ there's a millions of things! So instead of still reading this just go check it out all you have to do is sign up!